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9mm 147 Gr. RMR Full Metal Jacket Flat Point Heavy MatchWinner Bullets

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Introducing the new 9mm 147 grain RMR Heavy Matchwinner!

We are calling it the Heavy Match for short and it is about to become THE bullet for subsonic and heavy 9mm or .357 sig shooters.

This bullet requires a seating depth minimum OAL of about 1.10″ to chamber reliably in most handguns when loading 9mm. Most reloading manuals will specify a 1.13″ for a flat nose 147 and we’ve found that it works well in our guns. However, there are some handguns that have a very short leade that will not allow for the bullet to be seated that long. Glock Gen 5’s and CZ pistols are known for their short leades and this bullet may not work for them. For those guns we recommend the 124 grain MatchWinner.

The seating depth issue does not apply to loading these for .357 Sig.

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8 reviews for 9mm 147 Gr. RMR Full Metal Jacket Flat Point Heavy MatchWinner Bullets

  1. Karl (verified owner)

    Great bullets. Soft 147 push recoil with excellent accuracy. Loaded at 1.135 oal feed reliably in my G34 with KKM barrel. Like the 124 TC bullets as well.

  2. Keith (verified owner)

    Excellent bullets for reloading. I have shot a few thousand rounds with zero reliability issues, and the best accuracy I have found. I shoot them in both G17s and G19 with no issues. I cannot say enough about the reliability; there is nothing like going through several local and sanctioned matches without a jam.

  3. Adam (verified owner)

    I love these bullets!! I have been shooting 124s for the longest time till I was told about RMR’s 147s. I have had zero issues from my Colt pattern PCC or my S&W Pro 9. Accuracy is excellent and the low recoil allows for much faster match style shooting. If you have a 1911 stlye 9mm, you might want to get the 147rn as the 147fn dont always like to feed. People always ask me about my bullets durring a match and I tell em RMR 147s all day long.

  4. Tom (verified owner)

    My new favorite FMJ bullet for match use. Very accurate and very well priced. No issues feeding in my Walther PPQ. Seated to 1.1″ COAL

  5. Frank

    Loaded light for idpa bug power factor. Accuracy is crazy good with 100% reliability.

  6. Seth

    As usual, typical RMR quality – PHENOMENAL. This is all I shoot out of my USPSA production gun now. Weights varied by so little that half the time my scale couldn’t tell a difference. Crazy accurate, just an overall great projectile. Thanks guys!

  7. Kerry (verified owner)

    This is my go to for my local league bullet. 1.10 col and 4 grains of Accurate #2. Makes my 92FS spot on!!! I dont reload anything for my 9mm that is more accurate.
    Even load some up for a target plinker in the 350 Legend, easy sub 2″ groups at 100 yards. Cheap fun for the Legend.

  8. Chuck (verified owner)

    These 147 gr. projectiles have turned out to be winners for reloading general plinking rounds for .350 Win. Legend. The flat nose design puts NM black-tailed jacks on the ground.

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