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.32 Auto 65-60 gr premium bonded HP Mix

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We don’t often get in .32 Auto bullets. For those who reload this caliber, these bullets are some of the best!

These are factory seconds from two of the most popular self defense HP companies in America.  We aren’t allowed to say who made them but an image search should help you find out.  The quality of HP won’t get any better than this for .32.  Anyway, these are mixed and they look to be mostly the 65 grain bullets with the tell-tale post inside of them but there are a small amount of the 60 grainers without the post in them.  These have obviously been sitting in a warehouse somewhere for a while because they are a little bit dirty and a few have some green oxidation but they are otherwise perfect.

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Weight 0.1486 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

250, 500, 1,000, 6,000, 12,000

9 reviews for .32 Auto 65-60 gr premium bonded HP Mix

  1. Eric Wallace (verified owner)

    Revived 1k of these and they appear to be in great shape. I got about 24% 65 gainers and the rest were the 60 grain variety. I look forward to testing these out.

  2. Eric Wallace (verified owner)

    Received 1k of these and they appear to be in great shape. I got about 24% 65 gainers and the rest were the 60 grain variety. I look forward to testing these out.

  3. Roy D Mercer (verified owner)

    I received my 1000 bullets today and after sorting there were 78% of the “no post” bullets and 22% of the bullets with the posts. Both sets of bullets were .312″ in diameter. Look very good.

  4. Anthony (verified owner)

    Very good premium bullets, they shoot well. I originally bought 250 to see what they looked like and immediately ordered 500 more. (I should have just bought the 1,000 right off)
    They are not as dirty as I expected. I didn’t need to tumble them, I just loaded 40 (20 of each) and gave them a test.
    Shot them in a WWII era CZ 27 which can be a little picky on what it will shoot without jamming. They fired flawlessly.

  5. Roy D Mercer (verified owner)

    I received the one thousand .312 diameter JHP I ordered yesterday. The JHP without center post amounted to 78 % of the bullets. The bullets with post were 22% of the total amount. Random measurement showed a .312″ diameter for both bullet types. They look very good.

  6. Michael Twidle (verified owner)

    Great bullets at a great price 60 grain bullets appear to be discontinued for reloading. My PPK loves them buy a lifetime supply you’ll won’t be seeing these again.

  7. Jim Champeny (verified owner)

    Just got my batch of 1,000 today, they are fine looking bullets. I received 88 65 grain bullets with the ‘post’ and the rest were the 60 grain variety. Looks like a great value to me! I’m back to order another batch.

  8. jimcarla5017 (verified owner)

    Just got my 1000 batch of .32 caliber JHP’s today and went thru and sorted them out into the perspective groups. Received 889 of the 60gr. JHP’s and 90 of the 65 gr. JHP’s with the post in them. They look awesome and am very happy to have found some .32 caliber bullets I can load up for my Vintage .32 caliber pistols. Factory .32 caliber ACP ammo is cost prohibitive these days especially with Jacketed Hollow Point bullets. It will be wonderful to be able to load up some carry ammo and be able to use it for both carry and training without breaking the bank. Kudo’s to RMR for getting these bullets, now I need to get busy and load up some of the 9mm, 124 gr. Nukes I got a few weeks ago and some of these .32 caliber ones also.
    God Bless the guys @ RMR Bullets and have a wonderful New Year!!

  9. Terryl Roemer (verified owner)

    Just received my 1st order 1000 (ever) today. Per the .32 ACP the description says that it appears ‘mostly’ with post (65 grain) and other 60 grain variety. The actual count was 99 65 grain and 903 60 grain or 10%. I was hoping for a higher percentage given that the description says ‘mostly’. Most other feedback indicates people are receiving mostly 60 grain. I would have been thrilled to have 30% but the trend in comments indicates that the description is wrong.
    On the flip side, the shoulder of each bullet is very nearly the same so the difference is in the bullet nose which is slightly longer in the 65 grain. This could help to feed depending on the gun feed ramp. The bullets were clean, enough so that there is no need for tumbling.
    A final thought I would like to have had more 65 grain BUT, since this bullet in 60 or 65 grain is virtually impossible to find this is the last chance if you want to load these traditional grain weight bullets in 32 ACP.

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