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9mm 115 Gr. RMR Full Metal Jacket Round Nose Bullets

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Introducing our very first in house produced jacketed bullet, RMR’s 9mm 115 Full Metal Jacket bullets. These bullets are made by us!

Here is a video of our manufacturing machine in action! Click Here To Watch The Video

The more of these you buy, the sooner we will be able to get more machines to make additional calibers!!

Everything about these bullets is Made In The USA. They are manufactured at our in Lewiston, Idaho location.

Additional information

Weight 0.2629 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

100, 250, 500, 1,000, 2,000, 4,000, 12,000, 20,000

16 reviews for 9mm 115 Gr. RMR Full Metal Jacket Round Nose Bullets

  1. jpr440ex (verified owner)

    Awesome and consistent
    RMR 115gr FMJ 090618
    weights organized by 0.1 grains
    length organized by 0.001″
    114.79 n below = 8 rounds
    .5540″ = 2 rounds
    .5545″ = 4 rounds
    .5550″ = 2 rounds

    114.80-114.90 grains = 42
    .5530-.5535″ = 4 rounds
    .5540-.5545″ = 19
    .5550-.5555″ = 19

    114.91-115.0 grains = 188 rounds
    .5535″ = 1 round
    .5540″-.5545″ = 11 rounds
    .5550″-.5555″ = 69 rounds
    .5560″-.5565″ = 101 rounds
    .5570″-.5575″ = 6 rounds

    115.01-115.10 grains = 368 rounds
    .5540″-.5545″ = 9 rounds
    .5550″-.5555″ = 73 rounds
    .5560″-.5565″ = 219 rounds
    .5570″-.5575″ = 66 rounds
    .5585″ = 1 round

    115.11-115.20 grains = 297 rounds
    .5550″-.5555″ = 18 rounds
    .5560″-.5565″ = 130 rounds
    .5570″-.5575″ = 136 rounds
    .5580″-.5595″ = 13 rounds

    115.20-115.30 = 83 rounds
    .5545 = 1 round
    .5550-.5555″ = 9 rounds
    .5560-.5565″ = 51 rounds
    .5570-.5575″ = 22 rounds
    .5595″ = 1 round

    115.31-115.35 = 11 rounds
    .5560-.5565″ = 5 rounds
    .5570″ = 6 rounds

    115.36 n above = 6 rounds
    .5555″ = 1 round
    .5565″ = 1 round
    .5570″ = 1 round
    .5575″ = 3 rounds

  2. Allen (verified owner)

    RMR 115gr FMJ are the best bullets ever.

  3. Bob R

    Great for 9mm carbine. I push these to a little over 1500fps out of a 16″ AR carbine (mid-range charge of Power Pistol) and they give great accuracy, a consistent 1.1″ group size @ 50 yards, and under 2.5″ @ 100. And, just for fun, I can consistently hit a silhouette steel target @ 200 yards. My carbine is a little picky about which bullets will feed correctly, and these are 100%.

  4. (verified owner)

    I ordered a thousand. It took about four days to get them. they were packaged well.
    They shoot great, and I received 1004. That’s 4 extra. Thanks for the good count on the bullets.

  5. coachjett (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased around 5,000 rnds total of these bullets. They are awesome! I use them for plinking, but they are producing nice groups out of my G34. You cant find a better quality product for your $. I love these and will continue to make my purchases at rmr bullets! Highly satisfied customer here!

  6. Keith A Karschner

    What can i say that hasen’t been said. I just keep ordering these little suckers cause they work, along with the brightfire brass..

  7. Ian (verified owner)

    A well made accurate bullet at a reasonable price, I order all my handgun bullets from RMR now.

  8. dgott3 (verified owner)

    No issues loading over 2000 so far. Usually using them for USPSA with good consistency. Took home a couple division plaques this year.

  9. Paul Salazar (verified owner)

    Awesome bullets! RMR is my only source for me for 9mm bullets. These bullets are that good! Last weekend I fired a .75″ group at 25 yards with these bullets out of my CZ Scorpion pistol using a rear brace attached to the pistol. These bullets are accurate out of all my S&W, CZ, and Ruger pistols. Over the years I have purchased 10,000+ bullets from RMR and have always been impressed with the quality and performance. I will be buying a lot more in the future.

  10. george_ochoa88 (verified owner)

    Fit great shoot great looks great feels smooth feels like a quality bullet nice and shiny all around been purchasing and recommending to family, friends , and co workers cant beat FREE SHIPPING that’s the best part

  11. Seth

    RMR is the only place I’ll go for my 9mm projectiles. 115gr bullets, 124s, 147s, all fantastic quality, with a great group of people behind them. The RMR 115s shoot great out of everything I’ve put them through.

  12. Cblainez71 (verified owner)

    Hands down the best 9mm bullets that I’ve found. Extremely consistent and shoot well out of all of my handguns. Plus, the pricing is better than I’ve seen elsewhere for cast or plated bullets.

  13. Adrien Albert

    I purchased the plated version but they took it down likely out of stock right now. Good stuff here, excellent shipping(double packed triple taped), soo shiney lol, and stickers lol. New to reloading and this was my first 9mm projectile purchase. I’ve heard many good things about RMR and they did not dissapoint. As long as I do my part these should be great. I will purchase again for sure when items get back in stock…so get to making projectiles folks!!!! p.s. sticker is on my powder measure already so I wont forget who to order from, thank you for that as well.

  14. BF10 (verified owner)

    The best. Ive loaded ~13k so far out of 20k. They work great in my Glock 19 and Kel-Tec Sub2k. I usually shoot the Kel-Tec ~ 100M (I use a range finder). No problem consistently ringing 8in and 6in plates.

  15. J. R. Ontiveros (verified owner)

    I love loading and shooting these bullets. Excellent and consistent from round to round. These bullets loaded on top of 4.0 grains of Bullseye give me an average of 1120 FPS out of a Glock 34 and an average of 1320 out of a 16” Ruger PCC. My buddy feeds them to his Ruger SRC9 like candy. Clean, accurate and very affordable. Thanks RMR! Please make more!

  16. isaiah

    great bullets just be patient don’t bash them if there taking a while to come in

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