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9mm 115 Gr. RMR Full Metal Jacket Round Nose Bullets

(51 customer reviews)


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Introducing our very first in house produced jacketed bullet, RMR’s 9mm 115 Full Metal Jacket bullets. These bullets are made by us!

Here is a video of our manufacturing machine in action! Click Here To Watch The Video

The more of these you buy, the sooner we will be able to get more machines to make additional calibers!!

Everything about these bullets is Made In The USA. They are manufactured at our in Lewiston, Idaho location.

Additional information

Weight 0.2629 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

500, 1,000, 2,000, 4,000, 12,000, 20,000

51 reviews for 9mm 115 Gr. RMR Full Metal Jacket Round Nose Bullets

  1. jpr440ex (verified owner)

    Awesome and consistent
    RMR 115gr FMJ 090618
    weights organized by 0.1 grains
    length organized by 0.001″
    114.79 n below = 8 rounds
    .5540″ = 2 rounds
    .5545″ = 4 rounds
    .5550″ = 2 rounds

    114.80-114.90 grains = 42
    .5530-.5535″ = 4 rounds
    .5540-.5545″ = 19
    .5550-.5555″ = 19

    114.91-115.0 grains = 188 rounds
    .5535″ = 1 round
    .5540″-.5545″ = 11 rounds
    .5550″-.5555″ = 69 rounds
    .5560″-.5565″ = 101 rounds
    .5570″-.5575″ = 6 rounds

    115.01-115.10 grains = 368 rounds
    .5540″-.5545″ = 9 rounds
    .5550″-.5555″ = 73 rounds
    .5560″-.5565″ = 219 rounds
    .5570″-.5575″ = 66 rounds
    .5585″ = 1 round

    115.11-115.20 grains = 297 rounds
    .5550″-.5555″ = 18 rounds
    .5560″-.5565″ = 130 rounds
    .5570″-.5575″ = 136 rounds
    .5580″-.5595″ = 13 rounds

    115.20-115.30 = 83 rounds
    .5545 = 1 round
    .5550-.5555″ = 9 rounds
    .5560-.5565″ = 51 rounds
    .5570-.5575″ = 22 rounds
    .5595″ = 1 round

    115.31-115.35 = 11 rounds
    .5560-.5565″ = 5 rounds
    .5570″ = 6 rounds

    115.36 n above = 6 rounds
    .5555″ = 1 round
    .5565″ = 1 round
    .5570″ = 1 round
    .5575″ = 3 rounds

  2. Allen (verified owner)

    RMR 115gr FMJ are the best bullets ever.

  3. Bob R

    Great for 9mm carbine. I push these to a little over 1500fps out of a 16″ AR carbine (mid-range charge of Power Pistol) and they give great accuracy, a consistent 1.1″ group size @ 50 yards, and under 2.5″ @ 100. And, just for fun, I can consistently hit a silhouette steel target @ 200 yards. My carbine is a little picky about which bullets will feed correctly, and these are 100%.

  4. (verified owner)

    I ordered a thousand. It took about four days to get them. they were packaged well.
    They shoot great, and I received 1004. That’s 4 extra. Thanks for the good count on the bullets.

  5. coachjett (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased around 5,000 rnds total of these bullets. They are awesome! I use them for plinking, but they are producing nice groups out of my G34. You cant find a better quality product for your $. I love these and will continue to make my purchases at rmr bullets! Highly satisfied customer here!

  6. Keith A Karschner

    What can i say that hasen’t been said. I just keep ordering these little suckers cause they work, along with the brightfire brass..

  7. Ian (verified owner)

    A well made accurate bullet at a reasonable price, I order all my handgun bullets from RMR now.

  8. dgott3 (verified owner)

    No issues loading over 2000 so far. Usually using them for USPSA with good consistency. Took home a couple division plaques this year.

  9. Paul Salazar (verified owner)

    Awesome bullets! RMR is my only source for me for 9mm bullets. These bullets are that good! Last weekend I fired a .75″ group at 25 yards with these bullets out of my CZ Scorpion pistol using a rear brace attached to the pistol. These bullets are accurate out of all my S&W, CZ, and Ruger pistols. Over the years I have purchased 10,000+ bullets from RMR and have always been impressed with the quality and performance. I will be buying a lot more in the future.

  10. george_ochoa88 (verified owner)

    Fit great shoot great looks great feels smooth feels like a quality bullet nice and shiny all around been purchasing and recommending to family, friends , and co workers cant beat FREE SHIPPING that’s the best part

  11. Seth

    RMR is the only place I’ll go for my 9mm projectiles. 115gr bullets, 124s, 147s, all fantastic quality, with a great group of people behind them. The RMR 115s shoot great out of everything I’ve put them through.

  12. Cblainez71 (verified owner)

    Hands down the best 9mm bullets that I’ve found. Extremely consistent and shoot well out of all of my handguns. Plus, the pricing is better than I’ve seen elsewhere for cast or plated bullets.

  13. Adrien Albert

    I purchased the plated version but they took it down likely out of stock right now. Good stuff here, excellent shipping(double packed triple taped), soo shiney lol, and stickers lol. New to reloading and this was my first 9mm projectile purchase. I’ve heard many good things about RMR and they did not dissapoint. As long as I do my part these should be great. I will purchase again for sure when items get back in stock…so get to making projectiles folks!!!! p.s. sticker is on my powder measure already so I wont forget who to order from, thank you for that as well.

  14. BF10 (verified owner)

    The best. Ive loaded ~13k so far out of 20k. They work great in my Glock 19 and Kel-Tec Sub2k. I usually shoot the Kel-Tec ~ 100M (I use a range finder). No problem consistently ringing 8in and 6in plates.

  15. J. R. Ontiveros (verified owner)

    I love loading and shooting these bullets. Excellent and consistent from round to round. These bullets loaded on top of 4.0 grains of Bullseye give me an average of 1120 FPS out of a Glock 34 and an average of 1320 out of a 16” Ruger PCC. My buddy feeds them to his Ruger SRC9 like candy. Clean, accurate and very affordable. Thanks RMR! Please make more!

  16. isaiah

    great bullets just be patient don’t bash them if there taking a while to come in

  17. Rick vanord (verified owner)


  18. Ed Cassinell

    Ive shot over 2,000 rounds of 9mm. 147&115 grain bullets. Well worth the price!
    Quality is good. If you find a better product let me know!
    RnR is the best bullets.

  19. Wayland (verified owner)

    Just received my first thousand 9mm 115 grain and ordered 3000 more. Awesome FMJ’s

  20. Roger Osborne (verified owner)

    Roger Osborne -1-23-21. I work at the Arkansas Game & Fish Firing Range everyone loved the RMR 115 gr, bullets and ran great in my Canik 9mm, even in my S&W M&P Shield. i will order more. RMR do a great job on there bullets next will be some 124. Thanks to RMR for putting out great bullets. And in this missed up world RMR got my order to me. Thank’s RMR.

  21. Greg Brenneman (verified owner)

    Great price, great bullets, chamber smooth and shoot great – what more can I say! Well worth the wait. I appreciate RMR allowing back orders to be placed.

  22. Andrew Hall (verified owner)

    Simply Beautiful they look like jewelry I will definitely order very nice quality

  23. Eric Schnabel (verified owner)

    Love your bullets! High quality at a good price, makes waiting for them to be manufactured worth it.

  24. GEORGE PALMER (verified owner)

    5star on overall products service is hands down buy any of there products you want be disappointed reloading for 58 years

  25. Philip Hoffmann (verified owner)

    Bullets are fine, but no longer any type of value. The price has increased almost 20% in less than one year. At this point I just wait for Berry’s bullets to go on sale, and have the bullets in days instead of paying more and waiting weeks or months for bullets from RMR. As I said, the bullets are fine, but personally, I feel like it’s time I moved on to other vendors offering a better value.

    • Jacob Wilcox (verified owner)

      Intersting that you post this now. We are now caught up on shipping for the 115s. Ours are now shipping right away. Our price $96/1000 and Berry’s is $116/1000. Ours is about 20% lower than Berry’s. Very rude to complain about price increases before doing some research. The ONLY reason our price went up is because the cost of copper has nearly doubled and lead is up 25%. Shipping is up too. Nice try, but feels like you are just trying to be mean out of some sort of spite. You didn’t even notice that our website says we are now shipping out within a day or two and Berry’s website says they are 8-12 weeks out. So what gives?

  26. Barry L Hunn (verified owner)

    The 115 gr FMJ bullets are fantastic. I shot a 5.5″ by 6″ 10 shot group off the bench at 100 yards with these bullets in my full size 1911. It was my first trial at 100 yards, then my Leupold red dot died. When I get my new red dot, I will shoot this again and I think I can beat this group. At 25 yards from a rest, these bullets cluster into a clump about 1 inch in diameter for a magazine of 9 rounds. (with the red dot sight)
    My newest load is 1350 fps with these bullets and I have now reloaded a test group of 30 cases 15 times. With this kind of accuracy and velocity, I have great confidence in my 1911 9mm.
    I’ve owned rifles that didn’t shoot this good.
    This proves to me that Rocky Mountain Reloading bullets are fantastic, bargain priced, and the customer service is outstanding.
    Keep it up guys…. I’ll be ordering again soon!!!

  27. Philip Hoffmann (verified owner)

    So this is the deal, RMR allows a post for less than 5 stars and then tells me it’s rude.

    You may have been caught up on shipping when I posted the review, but that does not change the fact that I waited 6 weeks for that shipment. Check my records and post what you find. That order was placed May 31. I got it in July.

    Somehow other vendors were able to absorb the 25% lead increase without raising prices as much. The fact is RMR bullets went from one of the best values to not so great a value, in my opinion. That’s not mean or spiteful. What’s interesting is that apparently all these other bullet companies which were all cashing in last year, decided NOT to cash in when prices increased and demand went through the roof? I’ll leave it to the readers to decide if that rings true.

    And, I clearly said I will just wait for Berry’s to go on sale.

    Obviously you can charge what you want, and it’s a fine bullet, but I just don’t see the value anymore. When I bought my first order, you were 10% under what I feel is a comparable bullet. Now I feel like you are the same or more expensive. Sorry if that opinion deserves a reprimand.

  28. Very Happy

    Excellent value even if the price has gone up a little bit…..RMR is a business not a charity.
    For those whining cry babies who left bad reviews about prices can let me know where I can find primers for $35 per 1k…. since they are so value conscious…

  29. Lewis Medlin (verified owner)

    A better jacketed bullet for less than others plated bullets what’s not to like. And so what that I had to wait a bit on my last batch it’s worth it. When I get down to my last 2,000 I’ll order more keep up the good work.

  30. David Bailey

    These are very well made and nice looking bullets. The shipping was fast, and they arrived fully intact. I’m definitely happy with the purchase.

  31. David Bailey

    These are very well made and nice looking bullets. The shipping was fast, and they arrived fully intact. I’m definitely happy with the purchase.

  32. Tony Warr (verified owner)

    You can spend more money but you won’t get a better target/training bullet!

  33. Tony Warr (verified owner)

    You can spend more money but you won’t get a better target/training bullet!

  34. Craig Brodin (verified owner)

    Shot thousands of these bullets. Very consistent results. I’ve never been disappointed with the performance of these bullets.

    Keep making them and I’ll keep buying them

  35. peacefrog61 (verified owner)

    I am a retired IBM technician.We gave world class service to the customer.RMR to me is the IBM of bullet makers/sellers.These guys are as honest as can be.They always tell the truth.They bend over backwards to take care of a customer.Has that guy with the negative review not read the letters and updates RMR has posted over the years.These guys are the reloaders bro.I order my bullets way in advance and dont care how long it takes to ship.I know they are doing all they can.I can`t imagine asking all those family members to help out during the big rush during the last two years.Now when do I get my free bag of chocolate chip cookies for this review.Just kidding LOL.!!

  36. Tobin Avery (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered several thousand RMR bullets over the last couple of years. Most important to me is that they were there when I needed bullets to reload when everyone else was out. They helped me to continue shooting this past summer and only hope that the primer issues resolves itself as it seems that ammo is becoming more available which means primers may soon become available as well. GO RMR!!

  37. Lewis Medlin

    I can’t say how many thousands of these bullets I’ve reloaded and fired over the past years that I’ve been a RMR customer. But I can say I have 6,000 115 gr. fmj , 2,500 124 gr. fmj and about 4,000 124 gr. jhp on my loading bench waiting to be reloaded. The reason I haven’t loaded them yet is I’ve been catching up on loading rifle and revolver ammo right now but tomorrow I’ll switch back to 9mm, 38 super and 357 Sig. I’ll be needing more 9mm bullets soon and will take advantage of RMR’s upcoming Black Friday sale.

  38. Guy Ellibee (verified owner)

    Afternoon All – Curious if anyone would be interested in sharing your recipe for RMR 115 gr. fmj utilizing CFE Pistol? I have 3k that need some attention!

    Thanks in advance.

  39. rearmistead (verified owner)

    Reloaded 100 rounds with a lee hand loader. All of them “ALL” were within .002″ of each other. Very nice crafted bullets. I’m impressed. Will be buying these as my standard competitive load out from now on. Appreciate your accuracy and cost. Thank you.

  40. Keith A Karschner

    I’d like to address Philip Hoffman if I may? clearly your comparing Jacketed premium RMR bullets with free shipping to Berries Plated slugs? REALLY? I posted 1 star so customers would read this.
    That 1 star was for him, 5 stars for RMR. since Jacob Wilcox has too much class to defend his product, I’ll do it for them.

  41. Jlevy (verified owner)

    I’ve only loaded maybe 700 of these total, but they work very well. I use a OAL of 1.10 and Longshot powder. They function well in a Ruger PCC and sig P365. I no longer bell case mouths for 9mm or .40. I chamfer the inside edge of the case mouth and use Hornady dies with the “follower” on the seating die. RMR is my go-to source for these components. If they made lighter traditional .40 cal, I’d buy those too.

  42. js.rieger (verified owner)

    I have bought 3,000 by now of the RMR 115s. They’re awesome. Love you guys so much!

  43. David (verified owner)

    I have been ordering the 115 grain bullet from RMR and have been very pleased with the quality of the bullets. I mainly shoot ar500 steel targets using tight group powder and my accuracy is very good with these bullets.

  44. Marc Andrew Eads (verified owner)

    Have bought 9mm and .40 bullets from RMR. Always received what I ordered and in a timely manner. The boys love plinking out at the farm, and will be re-ordering in the future. Great company and a solid product. Highly recommend.

  45. SMSgt Rod (verified owner)

    RMR bullets fly great. Their delivery is fast. (Barring a Scamdemic!) Pricing is not an issue.
    But the neatest touch is reviewing the packing slip and finding a handwritten personal
    note of appreciation. It’s nice to see that my order was handled special for me.
    Thank you everyone at RMR. I’ll be back for sure.

  46. Jared Casas

    Bought these bullets for home loading 9mm at home!! Shipping was very fast, and these bullets are beautiful!!!

    I also got a nice RMR bullets sticker, and a handwritten thank you in my package!!!!

    I put the sticker on my 3D printer!

    I am completely satisfied, and will absolutely be doing more business with you!!!

  47. Just me (verified owner)

    I came across these bullets in 2017 I have shot twenty thousand rounds with these bullets. They never disappoint me. Very consistent weight and performance. After COVID hitting the fan, I needed some 9mm bullets and bought another brand. I wasn’t ashappy with those bullets as I was with theRMR115 grain bullets. I’m sold on them as long as they keep making them.

  48. Stephen J. Zuppo

    Excellent product! You get a premium jacketed bullet for the same or less what others are charging for plated!
    Consistent weights and diameter. Looking forward to ordering and loading up some 124’s in the near future.

  49. Cliff (verified owner)

    Great experience. I got what I ordered, a day before they said I’d get it. what else can a guy ask for. Packaged very well. Also, I got two super sweet bookmarks that you can fill in all the reloading info so you can keep track of every aspect of the reloading process and stick it in your reloading manual. If RMR reads this, can I buy a pack of 50 of those awesome business cards/bookmarks? I will recommend this place to everyone I know!

  50. Roger Osbrne (verified owner)

    Been loaing RMR 115GR. in all my pistols 9mm . Winchester 231 power 4.5 gr. With CCI sp Primers. And not having any malfunctions I shoot a lot. 7yds.1in grop. I work for Arkansas Game and Fish Shooting Range we have Shotgun. Rifle,Pistol . Good part i can stay after hours and shoot. And run some courses with pistol and 9mm carbine the carbine runs very well with this RMR bullets.

  51. Ricky Uselton (verified owner)

    Really great! Fast shipping good quality and even enjoyed the “thank you ❤️” note, lol!
    I will definitely be a returning customer. Hopeful to see some 6.5 in 123 grain soon!

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