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.224 55 Gr. MAGTECH Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail Bullets *NEW*

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These are brand new 55 grain FMJBT bullets from MAGTECH. These are bulk produced bullets but are packaged in bags of 100 and labelled as Magtech.

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Weight 0.1257 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

250, 500, 1,000, 2,000, 7,000

19 reviews for .224 55 Gr. MAGTECH Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail Bullets *NEW*

  1. Terry Costakis (verified owner)

    I’m giving these a four star rating only because I haven’t shot any of them yet. The Hornady 55gr FMJBT w/can is my usual AR-15 bullet but seeing as how they aren’t available anywhere I decided to try these out. I weighed twenty of them and they varied between 55.0gr and 55.2gr with most being 55.1gr. I then measured the ogive to base dimension for twenty different ones and the spread was 0.008 whereas twenty Hornady bullets yielded a spread of 0.012. Neither these nor the Hornady are match bullets which is plainly stated in the RMR description of them but I consider them to be a suitable replacement unless I find out otherwise when I start shooting them.

  2. William Palmatier (verified owner)

    I bought these for plinking not expecting groups under 2 inch at 100 yards. I am getting 1.378 with 5 shots. I ordered a1000 more. I have not measured or weighed them.

  3. William Palmatier (verified owner)

    I bought these for plinking not expecting groups under 2 inch at 100 yards. I am getting 1.378 with 5 shots. I ordered a1000 more. I have not measured or weighed them.

  4. Adam Morse (verified owner)

    Have ordered several thousand before. Ordering now because it is getting harder to find bulk bullets. These have loaded and performed well before and I fully expect them to perform as well as military, which is an average standard.

  5. David Ruzicka

    I shot these in my 26″ Varmint AR15 @ 200 yards and they shot MOA or less. That is without load development.

  6. Michael Bolduc

    Exellent price,and performance for a “combat round”Freedom fighter,homeland Defence !!Weather fired in my Colt M2 or my Varmint bolt action..1” or less groups my eyes are 66 years 🇺🇸Land of the free..home of the trigger pullers 🇺🇸

  7. Tom (verified owner)

    I have purchased lots of rounds from this company. The honesty and customer service is what keeps me coming back. These projectiles are for 2 n 4 legged coyotes.

  8. Allen McKillip (verified owner)

    I shot 50 just to make sure the bang switch worked and they did what they were supposed to do. Don’t have much to say about them; they are bullets BUT I LOVE THIS COMPANY and they are always my first stop when shopping for bullets.

  9. Joe Martin (verified owner)

    I bought a total of 2000 of these and weighed 100 of them. The lowest weight was 55 gr. the heaviest was 56 gr. and everything in between. The average was 55.424 for 100. Weighed 100 Hornady V-Max, highest was 55.3 and lowest was 55 for an average of 55.063. Weighed 100 Hornandy 55 gr. fmj-bt, lowest was 54.9 and highest was 55.1 for an average of 54.997 gr.

  10. vivalv59 (verified owner)

    Bought 2K of these. Loaded about 1K so far, and shot about half that. A small amount of weight difference, but not enough to make a big difference, for plinking they are just fine.

  11. murphdog4u (verified owner)

    Finally an honest outfit that isn’t price gouging customers looking for reloading supplies. Every order I placed arrived quickly even with USPS overloaded with parcels. They have earned my business. These folks must be running on coffee and very little sleep. There is plenty of room in the industry for a hard working company like this.

  12. Dave Huester (verified owner)

    As stated by others here……. these bullets are great! The company is even better Honest, Hard-working American Patriots!!! Stay in the fight my RMR brothers and sisters.

  13. VR (verified owner)

    I bought these for punching paper and ringing steel at distances under ~180 yards, with most of my .223 shooting done at 25-50 yards. They seem to be performing fine for these tasks. I previously shot Hornady 55gr and 62gr, and cannot see any noticeable difference in performance. However, there are a few fairly significant dimensional differences between Magtech 55gr and Hornady 55gr:
    1. Bullet length: Magtech 55gr – 0.7750″; Hornady 55gr – 0.7520″. Magtechs are quite a bit longer. Depending on your case trim length and COAL you may run into mag fitment issue.
    2. Cannelure width: Magtech 55gr – 0.0450″; Hornady 55gr – 0.0500″
    3*. Magtech is a subsidiary of CBC. Magtech 55gr is Made in Brazil, and imported in the US.
    Hornady bullets are Made in the USA. Not trying to knock Magtech down; just providing factually accurate information for others to consider.

  14. Jeff Scheider (verified owner)

    As always the team at RMR have knocked it out of the park! Ordered during Cyber Monday sale (actually on Tuesday when the extended it) and I received them by Friday the same week! Super fast shipping, packaged perfectly and bullets look great! Love supporting small businesses and RMR bullets has my business. These are the only .224 bullets I use!

  15. shawker71 (verified owner)

    Bought 1k of these and they loaded quite easily. I liked the 100 rd bags for convenience. I am already ready to order a couple thousand more.

  16. Oscar Hawkins (verified owner)

    I have ordered bullets from rmr in the past. These .224 bullets came very fast however, I didn’t know they were made in Brazil. I am a real stickler for buying Made in the USA products. I will find .224 bullets Made in the USA in the future.

    • Jacob Wilcox

      Next time consider the 69 grain that we make. Then you know it’s made here and that you’re helping us.

  17. Alligator Munitions LLC (verified owner)

    This is my go to company for projectiles. Couldn’t ask for anything more.

    Keep up the good work.

  18. barry KING (verified owner)

    I USE this company a few time and will be increasing my number now I’m retired .

    I have had no problems with mine .Shoot them with a Bear creek stainless fluted barrel and a SOTH AND WESSON and a pistol build it does them fine with them all all .
    THESE are perfect for my use as for match shooting I have a lot off fun and and have achieved good groups
    I’ll be back thankyou

  19. mpofficer31a (verified owner)

    Good quality and thus far accurate plinking bullets.

    NOTE – RMR is an amazing company!!! Great prices. Super fast shipping. Extremely good customer service. Thank you RMR!!!

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