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.224 RMR 69 Gr. BTHP *NEW* (Read Description Before Ordering)

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We make this bullet ourselves.  It is still in development so there may be some variances from lot to lot. We have pretty much gotten this bullet to where we want it.  It is nearly perfect.  I say nearly because city wastewater requirements mean we don’t currently have a way to polish/degrease this bullet that does not require corn cob.  That means that most of these will have a little bit of corn cob stuck in the tip.  We have the weight and OAL tolerances to near perfect.  I’ve shot a ton of very expensive bullets that were not nearly as consistent as these.  Don’t let the price fool you, these are every bit as good or better than what the competition sells at twice the price.  We are currently working on a wastewater solution so we can wet polish these guys.  We haven’t yet done extensive testing on the BC but you should expect about .320-.335 depending on the velocity you shoot it at.  We would love to get your feedback on long distance BC.

For those of you who have been following this bullet, this bullet was actually the very first product RMR ever planned on making.  We bought the machine an entire year before we ever started making 9mm bullets.  We ran into a ton of supplier and tooling issues over the last 6 years but we are finally sending out the first batch of the best 69 grain BTHP you can buy.  Unfortunately, to get this machine to make a perfect bullet, we have to run it slower.  This means that these bullets will be difficult to keep in stock until we get sane human beings in Washington DC.  Don’t worry, it looks like we finally have a product we are proud of and want to keep making every day.  Thanks for your patience!

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Weight 0.1577 oz

500, 1,000, 2,000

7 reviews for .224 RMR 69 Gr. BTHP *NEW* (Read Description Before Ordering)

  1. Nikki

    These are great bullets and will shoot better than most carbines that’ll be shooting them. Buy with confidence.

  2. mossberg mike

    i was lucky enough to get some of these on the first run RMR had in 12-17. i loaded them with cfe-223 and tac. lc brass and fio primers. most groups were under 3/4 in at 100yds. about 1/2 in with my 20″ match wilson barrel. and just over 3/4 with generic 16 in barrels. they look a lot like a s^^k , i used data from those bullets i loaded before. cant wait for more.

  3. Dave McLaughlin

    Great bullets very accurate and consistent. Very good shipping compared to other sellers. I am a very happy shooter!
    Thanks RMR!!

  4. Jack (verified owner)

    Worked up a load with TAC & LC brass that shot 3/4in 5rd groups and performed well at 500 yds out of a 16in rainier arms barrel. Load dev was very easy and matched data for the other popular 69gr match bullet (but for half the price).

  5. Michael Boling (verified owner)

    Worked well for me LC brass S&B SRP Varget powder Sub moa out to 300 yards hit a 5 inch round out to 600 yards just fine. Man size steel at 700 and 800. 26″ White Oak 1-8 twist AR15 build.

  6. tjrsurf (verified owner)

    Took the standard load of 24.5gr Varget LC Brass at OAL 2.255. Shooting out of a custom build. Used a Wilson Combat 223 Wylde 1:8 Super Sniper Barrel. Getting .75 MOA on first load test. Will tweek a little more. But awesome results first time out ! I just need to keep buying them when they are available.

  7. iflyskyhigh

    These are insanely good mid weight bullets. Defiantly MOA at least. Probably better. I’d love to know if and how they expand cause they shoot lights out in my SD rifles. I have a 14.5″ Colt socom barreled AR, and a 11.5″ BA barreled AR. Both 1:7. Both of these rifles prefer this bullet (by a wide margin) to either the Hornady 75 BTHP or the RMR 75gr Bonded (RMR sold these last year). Zero’d at 50. Shot them at 200. Made a small adjustment. From a bench, little to no wind, 5 shots well inside a painted 2-3″ painted circle on steel at 200. Over, and over, and over, and over again. I also have a 20″ heavy barreled AR built for distance that is a 1:8 and very finicky. Again, lights out with this bullet. Much better than either of the 75gr’s or several of the 62 gr’s I’ve tried. I actually bought 1000 a couple years ago when the first made them and am just now getting around to load development. So glad they are still making them.

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