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.224 RMR 75 Gr. BTHP 3GH *NEW* (Read Description Before Ordering)

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This is a brand new product by RMR.  Basically, all I have done is rudimentary accuracy tests to make sure that I’m happy with it’s accuracy capability.  I’ve been using 75-77 grain load data from Hornady or Sierra with good results.  Our bullet machine is not supposed to be able to make a bullet this long but we did some cheating and work arounds and we were able to get it to make a pretty awesome bullet.  There is a small ring near the tip that is just part of the process of cheating the creation of this bullet, but accuracy is not affected.  Initial testing tells me this bullet has a better BC than the Hornady, but I haven’t been able to test it fully at distance yet.  Any feedback on BC and accuracy will be much appreciated.

Also, keep in mind that these are polished in corn cob media and there will be tiny pieces of media stuck in the tips.  It does not affect accuracy.

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500, 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 6,000, 12,000, 30,000

10 reviews for .224 RMR 75 Gr. BTHP 3GH *NEW* (Read Description Before Ordering)

  1. David Schnelle (verified owner)

    This bullet is impressive! My Granddaughter and I shot them at 300 yards last night, 20 rounds rapid fire on an SR3 target, 200-7X and 198-7X, and 20 rounds each on the MR63 target for 600 yards simulated, 198-10X and 200-9X. Great job engineering this new offering!
    For those not familiar with this competitive shooting, a 200 is maximum possible for 20 shots (10 points each) and the X is a smaller ring inside the 10 ring to break ties. On the MR-63 target, the 10 ring is 5.85 inches, and the X ring is 2.85 inches. These shots were taken prone with a sling, no bipods, sandbags, or rests.
    This will become my go-to bullet for all short range shooting at 200 and 300 yards!

  2. ftnspace (verified owner)

    I liked the results so much from the first 500 from Lot #2 that I bought that I bought another 1,000 from the same lot:

    0.33 true MOA (8 shots group) from a 16″ barrel AR at 100 yards, and reliable out to the limits of my optic (450-500 yards).

    I’m looking forward to seeing how Lot #3 performs.

  3. Jon Hammer (verified owner)

    Had been lurking the ‘net, looking for 75-80gr bullets. Checked in at RMR, saw these 3GH, and bought 500.
    Still fine tuning my load but these over Shooter’s World Match Rifle give me 5-shot dime sized groups at 25yrd. through my 16″ carbine with 1-8″ twist. Soon as I can shake some more time loose, I’m going to fine tune them see what happens at 350yrd.
    Great bullet, can’t beat the price.
    Nice job, RMR!

  4. Ken Neans

    Bought 2K to try. I had (1) 1-8”twist 24”AR and with Varget shot ragged one group at a 100yds (10) rounds. I like the tapered jacket hunting /high BC target bullet so much at this price bought 3K more and (3) new 1/8” twist uppers. Now practice is affordable again. And a affordable bullet that you can hunt with, practice with and go to matches with and not have to rezero is Fantastic. And all your Kestrel data is good. Thanks RMR

  5. leejerry679 (verified owner)

    The RMR 75 Gr. BTHP 3GH bullet is top notch IMO. Set up 66% and 33% IPSC steel and tested from ranges 200 – 500 the round was perfect 8 for 8 in test. This was my first test load with bullet and i backed it with 23.6 grains of Varget. Set up the steel to to make it a challenge to get hits on target with 50% obscured by grass cover. Very impressed with the performance of this round and it performed very well out of 20 inch LaRue Stealth barrel. Purchased 1000 Lot 10 75 grain pills this customer is one happy camper, thanks RMR!!

  6. JW

    Great bullet, My initial testing done with SW Match Rifle powder, LC brass, fed 205 primer, Used Shooters World data for 77 SMK. So far Im avg 10 shot groups at 100yds around .799 inches so .763 MOA. The barrel Im using is a Bison armor 1-6.5 twist service rifle barrel they sell as well. I’m about to order more of these bullets they have exceeded my expectations!

  7. Scott Trowbridge (verified owner)

    This is an excellent bullet at a great price! I am into my second order of 1000 and will be ordering again soon.

    Initial truing in my 16″ Noveske barrel is giving me a G7 BC of .185. Load is LC bulk processed, 24.5gr Tac, CCI 450 (2710fsp) or Wolf SRMP (2750fps) and the 75 3GH bullet at 2.240 COAL. Groups are sub 3/4moa in good weather. I hope to use them on coyotes, varmints, and possible deer next season.

    I will definitely be ordering more. Well done RMR!!!

  8. Jimmy Sisco (verified owner)

    Bought a 500ct bag to try out. I’ve so far tried 3 powders and all produce 5 shot groups under 3/4 inch @ 100 yards. With IMR 8208 XBR the groups hover at 1/2 in in my Bartlein barreled SPR. Just ordered another 3k. Thanks RMR!

  9. Chris Klein

    So this is a question as I haven’t bought them yet… I love the 69g… Has anyone shot these over TAC? What OAL are people running with this bullet?

    • Jacob Wilcox

      I’ve shot them with TAC. I’m running 2.245 and hitting out to 900 yards using a BC of .330

  10. John Winsor (verified owner)

    My load is 25.8gr of shooter world match Rifle, seated at 2.255 avg velocity 2808 fps out of a 20 inch barrel. I’m using 5.56 load data for the 77gr SMK. Match rifle is the original accurate 2520. As always work up to this load.

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