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.224 RMR 75 Gr. BTHP 3GH *NEW* (Read Description Before Ordering)

(46 customer reviews)


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This is a brand new product by RMR.  Basically, all I have done is rudimentary accuracy tests to make sure that I’m happy with it’s accuracy capability.  I’ve been using 75-77 grain load data from Hornady or Sierra with good results.  Our bullet machine is not supposed to be able to make a bullet this long but we did some cheating and work arounds and we were able to get it to make a pretty awesome bullet.  There is a small ring near the tip that is just part of the process of cheating the creation of this bullet, but accuracy is not affected.  Initial testing tells me this bullet has a better BC than the Hornady, but I haven’t been able to test it fully at distance yet.  Any feedback on BC and accuracy will be much appreciated.

Also, keep in mind that these are polished in corn cob media and there will be tiny pieces of media stuck in the tips.  It does not affect accuracy.

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46 reviews for .224 RMR 75 Gr. BTHP 3GH *NEW* (Read Description Before Ordering)

  1. David Schnelle (verified owner)

    This bullet is impressive! My Granddaughter and I shot them at 300 yards last night, 20 rounds rapid fire on an SR3 target, 200-7X and 198-7X, and 20 rounds each on the MR63 target for 600 yards simulated, 198-10X and 200-9X. Great job engineering this new offering!
    For those not familiar with this competitive shooting, a 200 is maximum possible for 20 shots (10 points each) and the X is a smaller ring inside the 10 ring to break ties. On the MR-63 target, the 10 ring is 5.85 inches, and the X ring is 2.85 inches. These shots were taken prone with a sling, no bipods, sandbags, or rests.
    This will become my go-to bullet for all short range shooting at 200 and 300 yards!

  2. ftnspace (verified owner)

    I liked the results so much from the first 500 from Lot #2 that I bought that I bought another 1,000 from the same lot:

    0.33 true MOA (8 shots group) from a 16″ barrel AR at 100 yards, and reliable out to the limits of my optic (450-500 yards).

    I’m looking forward to seeing how Lot #3 performs.

  3. Jon Hammer (verified owner)

    Had been lurking the ‘net, looking for 75-80gr bullets. Checked in at RMR, saw these 3GH, and bought 500.
    Still fine tuning my load but these over Shooter’s World Match Rifle give me 5-shot dime sized groups at 25yrd. through my 16″ carbine with 1-8″ twist. Soon as I can shake some more time loose, I’m going to fine tune them see what happens at 350yrd.
    Great bullet, can’t beat the price.
    Nice job, RMR!

  4. Ken Neans

    Bought 2K to try. I had (1) 1-8”twist 24”AR and with Varget shot ragged one group at a 100yds (10) rounds. I like the tapered jacket hunting /high BC target bullet so much at this price bought 3K more and (3) new 1/8” twist uppers. Now practice is affordable again. And a affordable bullet that you can hunt with, practice with and go to matches with and not have to rezero is Fantastic. And all your Kestrel data is good. Thanks RMR

  5. leejerry679 (verified owner)

    The RMR 75 Gr. BTHP 3GH bullet is top notch IMO. Set up 66% and 33% IPSC steel and tested from ranges 200 – 500 the round was perfect 8 for 8 in test. This was my first test load with bullet and i backed it with 23.6 grains of Varget. Set up the steel to to make it a challenge to get hits on target with 50% obscured by grass cover. Very impressed with the performance of this round and it performed very well out of 20 inch LaRue Stealth barrel. Purchased 1000 Lot 10 75 grain pills this customer is one happy camper, thanks RMR!!

  6. JW

    Great bullet, My initial testing done with SW Match Rifle powder, LC brass, fed 205 primer, Used Shooters World data for 77 SMK. So far Im avg 10 shot groups at 100yds around .799 inches so .763 MOA. The barrel Im using is a Bison armor 1-6.5 twist service rifle barrel they sell as well. I’m about to order more of these bullets they have exceeded my expectations!

  7. Scott Trowbridge (verified owner)

    This is an excellent bullet at a great price! I am into my second order of 1000 and will be ordering again soon.

    Initial truing in my 16″ Noveske barrel is giving me a G7 BC of .185. Load is LC bulk processed, 24.5gr Tac, CCI 450 (2710fsp) or Wolf SRMP (2750fps) and the 75 3GH bullet at 2.240 COAL. Groups are sub 3/4moa in good weather. I hope to use them on coyotes, varmints, and possible deer next season.

    I will definitely be ordering more. Well done RMR!!!

  8. Jimmy Sisco (verified owner)

    Bought a 500ct bag to try out. I’ve so far tried 3 powders and all produce 5 shot groups under 3/4 inch @ 100 yards. With IMR 8208 XBR the groups hover at 1/2 in in my Bartlein barreled SPR. Just ordered another 3k. Thanks RMR!

  9. Chris Klein

    So this is a question as I haven’t bought them yet… I love the 69g… Has anyone shot these over TAC? What OAL are people running with this bullet?

    • Jacob Wilcox

      I’ve shot them with TAC. I’m running 2.245 and hitting out to 900 yards using a BC of .330

  10. John Winsor (verified owner)

    My load is 25.8gr of shooter world match Rifle, seated at 2.255 avg velocity 2808 fps out of a 20 inch barrel. I’m using 5.56 load data for the 77gr SMK. Match rifle is the original accurate 2520. As always work up to this load.

  11. Jlevy (verified owner)

    I haven’t shot at any distance so can’t comment on accuracy. Here are my reloading notes (not reloading advice of course, just observations on what I’ve done). In an 18″ 1:8 barrel with rifle length gas system and 5.56 chamber, all OAL 2.258″ with once fired RP brass and CCI 400 primers, no issues at all and good ejection pattern (roughly 3:00 to 3:30). Ramshot TAC seems to be a good burn speed or maybe even a bit fast for this bullet weight. I might try some slower CFE 223 to compare.
    23.6 gr Ramshot TAC – No issues or pressure signs. This will be the max for my rifle in the future.
    24.1 gr TAC – one case in 9 had minor evidence of case extrusion into the ejector hole.
    24.8 gr TAC – 6 cases in 10 had minor evidence of case extrusion into the ejector hole.

  12. Adam (verified owner)

    Excellent results out of a ruger ranch 16” 1-8. Making consistent hits on a 8” plate at 600 using hornaday BC. Really enjoy these bullets.

  13. grusselldye (verified owner)

    My new favorite .223 bullet. Loading 24.1 grains of Tac, LC once fired brass and Wolf SRM primers. Getting great groups at 100 yards. Found the sweet spot early on with load development. This load shot well in 4 different AR’s.

    Just placed my second order that was delivered quickly!

  14. Russell (verified owner)

    My new favorite bullet. The 68’s are good. The 75 is even better. Found the sweet spot at 24.1 grains of Tac, once fired LC brass and Wolf SRM primer. Load shoots well in 4 different guns. 2 16”, 18” and 20”.

  15. Tim

    Has anyone gel tested these to see if they perform similar to the Hornady 75bthp?
    Accuracy tested from these sounds great but more interested in gel testing

  16. Dan T (verified owner)

    I won the last three high power rifle matches I was in using these 75 gr bullets made by RMR. One was a 200 yard reduced match, and the other two were 100 yard matches. I’m doing another 200 yard match this weekend. I think they are accurate enough to go use them for an EIC match, which goes out to 600 yards. I’ve shot 500 of these bullets already and just bought another 1000 that I’m loading up. I’ve tried three different powders and each recipe resulted in sub-MOA groups at 100, 200, and 300 yards. These are less expensive than competitor’s bullets but are good quality.

  17. MICHAEL SPRIGGS (verified owner)

    I haven’t loaded or shot any of my shipment of these but they look and feel spectacular, have shot thousands of other RMR rounds though.
    Just a note of Kudo’s to RMR for offering great bullets at affordable prices. I used to get all my projectiles from Everglades for years until they just priced me out of ordering any more. RMR produces as good or Better projectiles as you’ll find anywhere. When I open a package and see a “Jake” signed hand written thank you note with my order I become a customer for life!!! amazing people and service.
    Thank you Jake

  18. Brian (verified owner)

    Blown away by this bullet! Switched from 62 to this 75 for my suppressed 11.5 BCM. 62.5 grains CFE223 and ejection pattern is perfect. Gas is almost nonexistent compared to the lighter bullets and the recoil is so much smoother. This is now my go to load for this gun. No need for adjustable gas block which makes it even more impressive.

  19. Sedric Coleman (verified owner)

    Love these bullets! I reach out to 500 yards consistently with these. I roll my own ammo so ,having these in my stockpile is GTG! If you are having doubts, I say put them out with the trash and grab you some.

  20. Larry Johnson (verified owner)

    Ordered 500 of these 75s just to try out.
    Performed ladder load testing with TAC and WIN748.
    The following results are strictly for” information purposes ONLY” and are NOT any representation of any kind of suggested load data for someone else’s gun. Do your OWN testing with YOUR gun utilizing published load data and follow the standard safety procedures of starting low and working up.
    With that said, I found that 24.1 gr of TAC in a once-fired LC military case, SRM primer with a COAL of 2.240″ produced some darn good groups as many others have posted above. My 24.5gr TAC load also did pretty good albeit somewhat of a hotter load.
    But being a little bit OCD and somewhat of an experimental type, I decided to try running some IMR4064 under these….and WOW!!
    Using the same once-fired LC military brass, SRM primer and 23.8 gr. of IMR4064 resulted in a slightly compressed charge in the LC case. I increased the COAL just a hair on out to 2.250″ with this charge. That load exhibited some really nice 3/4″ or less groups at 100 yards! Love these bullets in that load!!! Ave. velocity was around 2540 fps out of my 16″ carbine, and that velocity is just a tad higher than the average velocity I was seeing with some Hornady Black 75gr. factory rounds that were running about 2510 fps across the same chronograph, the same day and under the same conditions.
    I like the RMR 69s, but me and my rifle really like these 75s even better. Thanks, Jake, for making these.

  21. David (verified owner)

    Just starting to work up a load for this bullet. Shot a ten round ladder at ten different charge weights to get the chrono data mostly.
    The shot group was 2 moa. I expect that will shrink a bit once I get the velocity node and seating depth dialed in.

  22. Andrew (verified owner)

    Haven’t loaded any yet but I wanted to comment about the shipping. Fast, packaged very well and as far as I can tell all the bullets are beautiful and in great shape! Great price, great product! Thank you RMR, you are my go to for reloading!

  23. Russell Furford (verified owner)

    Once again the RMR team has made a multi purpose bullet that shoots like match grade! I usually use the 69 grain version with multiple powders and for the price and quality they can’t be beat. The 75 gr over 23.9 tac @2.245 has been moa or sub moa out at 500 yds. I’ve tried oal testing from 2.235-2.260 and found 2.245(jakes recommended oal) shoots and functions best in my rifle. I’ve tried varget, ar comp, tac, cfe 223, imr 4895, and benchmark with all performance good. Tac and ar comp being the best but I’m coveting my last pound of ar comp due to it being unobtanium these days. Tested these against Sierra 77s, Nosler 77s, and horny 75s and they were right in there with the big boys!! Thank you for your excellent service and excellent products RMR, I’m a customer for life!!!

  24. Russell Furford (verified owner)

    Have been loading the 69 gr 3gh for over a year now and couldn’t say enough good about them, sub moa shooting in my rifle(5.56 1in7 mid gas 16” us arms m4 platform). Ordered 500 75s to try to replicate the bha mk262 mod0 round with( I know they use 77 smk and loaded some with those too). Like many others, loaded with tac @. 24-24.1 gr with 2.247 oal( just like bha) and wow these are great!! The smk load shot .77”, .64”, & .81” groups at 100 yds while the rmr “rammer” load shot .56”- .55”&.61”!! This is a great bullet and with the price and consistency I get from my rifle, it will be the only one I will load. Nice job Jake and team at RMR!

  25. JC

    Has anyone shot these 75gn BTHP-3GH bullets in short barrel (10.5″ – 11.3″) suppressed semi-auto? What OAL and powder(s)?
    Want to buy these and try them out

    • Jacob Wilcox

      These have gotten several mixed reviews from short barrels. I’ve had guys that shot them and thought they were amazing and other guys couldn’t get their guns to shoot them well at all. Longer barrels don’t seem to be an issue but the shorter barrels give some guys issues. Not really sure why.

  26. csdaveco (verified owner)

    Outstanding bullets!

    I loaded up 100 rounds with IMR 8024 XBR (22.0 gr) with a COL of 2.250. At 200 yards with steady 10-15 MPH winds (gusts to 25 MPH) and using a Rock River Arms ‘Fred Eicler’ Predator rifle from the prone position, 20 rounds slow-fire single load all in the black of an MR-52 target during the last string of our monthly CMP service rifle match.

    I’d wager tighter groups under better wind conditions. Just ordered another 500 bullets for more match loads.

  27. paulosantos0922 (verified owner)

    I am getting around 2780 FPS with AR Comp and AA2520 powders out of an 18” Criterion Core Barrel. Accuracy is around 1MOA with 5 round shot groups. This is my Gas Gun Competition. I used to use the Sierra 77 GR SMK and I was getting the same accuracy, so I switched to the RMR due to the price.

  28. Ronald Toulme (verified owner)

    I did final testing and load development today, Here are my results ; Stock Savage bolt action, Lapua brass .223, BR4 primers,24.3 8208 XBR , 2955 fps average from 20 round count, SD=7.4 BC =.170 G7. Half MOA at 812 yds ( all head shots on 66% IPSC) Unstable at my next target range of 969 yds..

  29. Andrew Stoops (verified owner)

    I was struggling to get anything to shoot half way decent with a suppressed BCM upper. I was about ready to start over with a new upper when I decided to give these a chance. These provided excellent results with H335, way more consistent than my previous “go to” bullets and reload combinations that looked like a shotgun blast at 100 yards. Finally left the range satisfied after shooting these versus the previous trips where I wanted to wrap the rifle around a tree. Thanks!

  30. Robert Minkler (verified owner)

    I shoot 77gr from another company with great success. But way more expensive. After reading the reviews here, I ordered 250 with high hopes. I tried with ( Tac). I got some surprisingly small groups. But nothing consistent. And I tried everything. I switched over to ( CFE223 ). I had much better results, but again, still not very consistent. And again. I tried everything. Then the 250 were gone !!!! Lolol. I’m contemplating ordering another 250 and trying varget.

  31. Sean (verified owner)

    Great bullet! Been loading this for my 10.5” POF Edge 1-8 twist SBR (always suppressed). Getting just under 2600fps with a max charge of CFE223 and cci400 primers. Accuracy is a ragged hole at 50y using a 1-6 LVPO and 1.5 MOA at 100y (better shooter could get that down). This will be my go to for that rifle no doubt. I also have a 16” upper that I use to get base line numbers when doing load development, that upper shoots them just as well.

  32. John Wootton (verified owner)

    Loaded some up, threw them in the guns, every gun ive shot is sub-MOA with these, using cfe223

  33. Sean Ritchie (verified owner)

    Edit to my above review, it was just under 2500fps (2497 10 shot average) This was using Hornady load data for their 75gr HPBT.

  34. Jason (verified owner)

    For the price, this is a pretty great bullet. Not as pretty as your SMKs but performance wise they are very close to Seirra’s BTHP. Used Hornady’s 5.56 NATO 75gr BTHP Load Data as reference.

    I’m loading these to:
    CBTO: 1.895″
    OAL: 2.45 – 2.55″ depending on the meplat
    26.5gr CFE223 / MAX LOAD according to Hornady 75gr BTHP
    Lake City NATO Brass annealed before every loading
    Muzzle Velocity: 2900fps
    18″ Criterion Core Bbl w/ Geissele SSA-E Trigger and Nightforce ATACR 1-8 on a Caldwell Lead Sled.

    The best 10 shot shot group I’ve squeezed out of this load is a .875″ with arduous concentration. Will continue to test this load for consitency, but the potential is there. 10 shot groups are no joke. Pulled it off on a pretty windy day with my paper target frame jiggling in the wind so Im sure it could do better on a calmer day.

    This isnt the most effective way or right way to calculate BC but FWIW just using my Labradar to measure velocity from muzzle to 100 yard target it would seem by just velocity drop the G1 BC is .31

    Just throwing that out for whatever its worth to the group. I will work on lobbing this out to 600-800 yards next year when that range is finished with renovations in my are.

    I will follow up on here also when I can comfortably confirm consistent accuracy and long distance data.

  35. brian

    i have been though about 1500+so far and i get the same result as 75gr Hornady out of my 18in ar and have tested out to 600yards and maintained .5moa all the way out there i shoot them at 2850fps +-15fps and i had it prone and shooting off bags loading in a dillion 550 so its good enough for any use i have

  36. Rochelle (verified owner)

    Recipe: Range brass
    Powder: Shooters World Tactical
    Barrel: Bkings Firearms(BA) 13.7
    OAL: 2.245
    Velocity: 2521

    These shoot great just have to take your time work up a load and be patient and ask folks questions that know more about reloading than you.

    Novice reloader here just learning. Really excited about this projectile.

  37. realmannyca (verified owner)

    using starline .223 brass and 24gr Varget and 24.5gr TAC was able to achieve sub MOA at 100 yards out of one bolt, two AR’s were unable to get under 1″. At 400yds with that same load through the autos it was all over the map, up to 8″. With the bolt and the bullet jammed into the lands was able to get around 5-8″ on multiple tries. Don’t know what others are doing but it’s not working for me past 300. that being said the price to value is there i youre staying under 300.

  38. Bugs (verified owner)

    Load data that worked for me:
    Rifle: Aero Precision M4E1
    Barrel: Ballistics Advantage 16″ 1:7 twist Pencil profile 5.56mm Nato

    Load data:
    LC 2022 brass trimmed to 1.750
    Federal GM205M match primers
    24.1gr Ramshot Tac
    COAL 2.260
    RMR 75gr 3GH lot#6
    Avg. Vol. 2760 (2) 5 shot groups
    0.72 MOA at 100yrds

    Starting charge:

    This is the data I started with from reading another post here. Be safe, and USE AT YOUR RISK!!
    Good Luck

  39. Robert Minkler (verified owner)

    I’ve run about every bullet out there. And I think these are some of the best. My AR is very finicky. I tried a few different powders with mixed results, but nothing great. Then I pulled out some NORMA 202 I’ve been saving. That did the trick. I think NORMA makes the best powder on the planet. But unfortunately it can’t be found anymore. I started using the CFE223. And had pretty good results. My only issue is crimping. I never crimp. But I found with this last batch I received, I don’t have much neck tension. I can push the bullet back without much pressure. I measured the bullets and they were running a bit on the small side. So I guess I need to start crimping. Other than that, I find these bullet very consistent. And they perform better than other high end bullets that cost twice as much. I would recommend them for sure. .

  40. Cody Shelton (verified owner)

    Haven’t had a chance to take these 75s out past 100yd yet. Please with the groups I’m getting at 100 for my skill level. (Not a bench shooter, more of an action shooter). Used the 69rmr in a 3 gun not too long ago and made hits out to 400 with my 11.5″. Can’t wait to run these 75s out further. They shoot tighter groups than the 69s at 100. That’s my exp out of 11.5, and 14.5 bcm.
    25.2 a2520
    75 gr rmr

    25.6 a2520
    69gr rmr

  41. Max (verified owner)

    Ordered 500, and will be ordering more. Bullets are consistent in weight and easy to load. Loads well, speed numbers to come.

    26gr CFE223 – 2.25 COAL
    75gr BTHP RMR
    Federal Match AR primers or CCI No.41 primers
    Mixed brass
    16″ 5.56 1/7 twist

  42. Kory Richardson (verified owner)

    Took them out to 800 using 77smk data. Running them at 2680 with 18″ proof with staball match.

  43. charles kincaid (verified owner)

    Bought 500, wanted to see if they shoot as good as the 69 grn HPBT. Have, after much fails, dialed the charge and the seating depth, now they hit an X-ring(4 in steel) at 785 yds in very light wind. Using BL-C2 which is very similar to factory 223/556 military powder, also temperature unfriendly, and a 55 thou jump in sporter 22 inch Ruger barrell with 1:8. The point is that I almost gave up after 10 different powder series, all too hot, so it can take some components and some work , now worth it for sure. Velocity is 2720 at 60 deg F, 20% hum, 5500ft elev. Much faster at 85 deg F. These are great bullets for long range, and very accurately made, I weighed all 500, in 50 round lots with less than 1% deviation, only Berger/Nosler are better made for a LOT more $. Good work RMR!

  44. Nahbruh

    This is the cheapest 75gr bullet I can find that has a decent g7 bc of .174. I’ve had great success running it in once fired range pick up brass with ramshot tac averaging 2585 out of a worn 16in 556 barrel. I’m still able to achieve sub moa groups but due to my choice in brass its not as good as it could be.

  45. Louis Buckley (verified owner)

    Just received my RMR 75 gr 22 cal HPBT bullets. Hoping that they would be an affordable replacement for SRA 77 gr MK with Cannelures. Shooting with my stock Savage 24” 1:9 twist bolt rifle (should be too slow twist for both SRA and RMR heavy bullets but ?j

    Shot 3 5-shot groups at 100 yards using the same load that I use with the 77 gr SRA MK. Groups were 0.391(5), 0.396(5), and 0.367(4)/0.821(5)

    Couldn’t be happier. Well done RMR

  46. Jonathan Millare (verified owner)

    Best. Bullets. Ever.
    Ever since my first purchase, I have only reloaded RMR bullets and never looked back. Running these with 25.5gr CFE223 at 2.240 COAL with CCI no41 primers, and they feed extremely reliably through my 11.5”, 13.5”, 16”, and 18” ARs, no feed issues. Very tight groupings at 100 and 200yds, have yet to visit a range in my area with a longer shooting lane to test for distance.
    All of my buddies who use my reloads are amazed at the groupings and are surprised it’s match grade ammunition!
    For the price, you will find nothing better. Reloading match grade ammo for the cost of cheap 55gr training ammo? Easiest choice you’ll ever make.

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