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Casting Lead from RMR Jacketed Bullet Cores (approximately 10 Brinnel hardness)

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This lead is the same lead that we use to make our jacketed bullets. It isn’t as hard as our casting lead but it is a bit harder than pure lead. This lead makes really good bullets for those looking for 10 brinell hardness. We have pretty strict requirements for variance on our lead cores. These cores are the ones that just didn’t quite meet our requirements. Rather than send them to a scrapper and lose money on them, we decided to offer the lead to our customers at a great price for alloyed lead and it helps with our costs on the lead so that we can keep the price of the jacketed bullets we make low. This lead is 2.5-3% antimony. The lead will come in one of two ways, either in core form or in little noodle form. The small noodles are created during the core forming process. This lead is way easier to work with than big ingots or wheel weights. And it will be consistent hardness throughout. There will be some minor oil residue/dirtyness on this lead. It is from the core forming process. It should burn off quickly but like always, don’t cast bullets in your bathroom with the door closed and you should be okay.

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Weight 1000 oz

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15 reviews for Casting Lead from RMR Jacketed Bullet Cores (approximately 10 Brinnel hardness)

  1. Craig

    Great price. Easy melt. Convenient size. BHN 12 (+-)
    Great for 9mm, .45 ACP. .38 Special, etc. Just add a little SB and SN for faster projectiles.

  2. Robert Davidson (verified owner)

    Great Price. Easy to work with. Hope they continue to offer this for a long time.

  3. Ken Niccum (verified owner)

    just placed another order ,excellent lead for revolver bullets, some of the cores even size to 32 wadcutters and the small ones 95 gr are very good when coated with HiTec . I will continue to buy, this is a great sorce and the customer service is great.

  4. Gary Bertolet (verified owner)

    I recently received my order. Prompt shipping. It was well packaged, 128 lbs in 2 boxes. The mail lady was relieved that I unloaded it for her. It is nice to have clean WW equivalent known alloy, ready for casting, rather than traveling to the scrapyard, and finding zinc WW mixed with the lead ones, and having to sort and smelt it down to get clean ingots. As another review stated, mine also ranged in 32 caliber size, down to needle bearing size. Easy size to scoop up, weigh, and put in the lead pot.

  5. Rob (verified owner)

    Good product reasonable price

  6. Frank (verified owner)

    ordered my lead, price was great , package came sooner them I had anticipated, Yes it was one big box .
    if they still offer it I’ll keep buying it.

  7. Thomas (verified owner)

    This is great! Casting with this lead is a dream and will gladly help use it rather than seeing RMR have to take a beating getting scrap prices. I shoot a lot of 32 as well and am tickled with a good eye and a little time you can get some good target load rounds with little more than sizing and coating them! Customer for the rest of my life!!

  8. Kevin Berner (verified owner)

    Good clean lead! Great price. Be careful and check the hardness. They advertise approx 12bnh. Mine tested out at 8-9 bnh. That checks with antimonial lead. Lead plus 3% antimony. Had to mix to get the bnh up for my casting. Knocked a star off since they advertise 12 and got 8.

  9. mossbergmike

    i got 128 lbs, its great. i cast mainly 160 g,312 bullets for 300blk. 128lbs makes about 5600 [email protected] cents per. i powder coat with Harbor freight white. makes a great plinking load. run my AR all day for pennies. load in the winter months , shoot all summer.

  10. Michael (verified owner)

    Add some tin to your mix to help it flow and you’re set. 18-1 works good for my 9mm, .500 and fits perfectly in my lee 20lbs.

    If you don’t have a cast iron pot and LP burner. Get one and make this stuff into ingots first.

  11. Josh (verified owner)

    This lead is fantastic for bullet casting. It is the exact mix and hardness that you are already looking for and comes clean ready to melt. I bought mine 2 weeks ago and already have 1600 9mm rounds cast a powder coated. I will defiantly be buying lead from here in the future.

  12. Patrick Young (verified owner)

    Good clean lead. Nice to be able to get lead at a reasonable price from a known source. As stated in another review mine only tested at 8 BHN and not at the approximate 12BHN. But I would definitely purchase more of this and just add some linotype to up the hardness in the future.

  13. Douglas May (verified owner)

    Just got mine, was a mix of cores and the stringy stuff, will be melting it into ingots as soon as I get a nice day and some time to spare! Will try casting some round balls for my black powder revolvers with it, not pure lead soft but soft enough to mark it with my fingernail, so softer than most wheel weights. see if it presses in or not!
    If not a bit of tin should make it good for modern bullets.
    Best price per pound I found at the time, and definately not disappointed.

  14. hanswerall (verified owner)

    The Mail Lady was happy when I met her in the driveway, as she stated she already moved that 65 pound box twice by herself. Well sealed and double boxed. Opened the box and was very happy with the Lead in small form and easy to grab a hand full at a time. When I told my brother what I was doing for projectiles, he asked me to make some fishing sinkers for him. I ordered a couple more boxes of this great to use lead as it will go quicker 2-4 ounces at a time, and I now have some Sinker molds on the way.

  15. GGW (verified owner)

    Very well packaged. Whoever is in shipping hats off to you! I buy a lot of lead online and nothing compares to the packaging. Looks great can’t wait to use it

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