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.40 135 Gr. SinterFire LF Frangible Flat Point Bullets *NEW*

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SinterFire’s .40 S&W 135 Gr. Reduced Hazard Flat Point Lead-Free projectiles are manufactured using a special 90/10 copper/tin blend of material which is environmentally friendly. Reduced hazard and non-ricochet means these projectiles are a superior choice for shooting indoor, on steel or anywhere higher performance is desired. If you are looking for a reliable projectiles with low ricochet and environmentally friendly composition, the SinterFire .40 S&W 135 Gr. bullets are designed to feed and function in most pistols with the same recoil, Point of Aim, and Point of Impact as conventional lead bullets.

Frangible bullet reloading information, a reloading video, and RELOADING DATA may be found on SinterFire’s web site HERE. Please note that the 135 Grain bullet is not specifically listed, but load data for the 125 Grain bullet is available.

*Disclaimer: SinterFire Bullets are frangible projectiles that perform and load differently than traditional lead bullets. Extra care in loading and crimping is required with SinterFire bullets. All data presented by SinterFire is for reference purposes only. It is intended for use by persons familiar with loading practices, ballistics, their ability, and loading equipment. If you are not knowledgeable of the loading process and the dangers associated, seek the advice of a professional. Since loading practices are beyond SinterFire€™s control, SinterFire disclaims all responsibility either expressed or implied for injuries and/or death.

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3 reviews for .40 135 Gr. SinterFire LF Frangible Flat Point Bullets *NEW*

  1. Ryan

    Works in my 10mm. I use Shooters World Major Pistol (AA7) and get good accuracy and velocity. Loading takes more care than standard FMJs due to the bullets nose profile (be careful with crimps). I’ve had 2 or 3 bullets break when chambering, which is the only reason I’m giving 4 stars.

  2. calwa324

    These projectiles load and shoot great.Zero problems feeding with my S&W 40C. Thanks for a great product at a reasonable price.

  3. turn4811 (verified owner)

    I found no information for loading 10mm. I contacted SinterFire and received the following for 10mm:
    Our suggested COAL is 1.250 We use Tight Group in our factory load of 6.5 grains for 1350 fps. You can also use the 135 data you have with that powder and our COAL.

    Thanks, Keith Porco

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