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.40 / 10mm 200 Gr. Premium Bonded Hollow Point Bullets (Won’t be able to ship until Nov 1st)

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These are brand new premium bonded bullets. We were asked not to divulge who made them but they are quite easily recognizeable as one of America’s most popular self defense bullets.

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250, 500, 1,000, 2,000

3 reviews for .40 / 10mm 200 Gr. Premium Bonded Hollow Point Bullets (Won’t be able to ship until Nov 1st)

  1. Marko (verified owner)

    Yeah I love these 200gr Gold Dot Hollowpoints. I know what a Gold Dot looks like

  2. Kenneth Lan (verified owner)

    Mine arrived today. They are the current pattern concave base bullets that this manufacturer uses for their factory ammo, not the older convex style in the pictures.

  3. Steve (verified owner)

    I bought an Eaa Witness Pro, 10mm and I am glad I did. My fellow shooters told me not to reload anything heavier than a 180 grain bullet, using 200 grain I would lose my accuracy. Well I couldn’t find any 180 grain or lighter projectiles. As a matter of fact the only place I could find any projectile for my 10mm was right here at RMR and those were only 200 grain. Well long story short, I wanna shot my gun so I ordered these 200 grain projectile.
    No disappointment. Using 10.9 grains of Accurate No. 9, my average FPS = 1028.2 at Ft-LBS of 470.36.
    I would have to say my Eaa 10 handle the 200 grain just fine. Accuracy? Absolute no problem.
    I am becoming a huge fan of RMR Bullet’s. Thank you folks, good job.

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