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.45 230 Gr. Full Metal Jacket Round Nose Bullets *NEW*

(28 customer reviews)


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These beautiful jacketed bullets can be shot at +P velocities and will be as accurate as any you will find. This bullet can vary in appearance, depending on our source. Usually they have a brass colored jacket, but we have received some with a copper jacket. Both are great bullets and the difference is little more than cosmetic.

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Weight 0.5257 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

500, 1,000, 2,000

28 reviews for .45 230 Gr. Full Metal Jacket Round Nose Bullets *NEW*

  1. Jason (verified owner)

    Consistent and reliable. Impressed. I just ordered another K

  2. JZ (verified owner)

    Happy with bullet consistancy and accuracy using 5.5gr Win 231 at 1.23″ COL.

  3. Jason (verified owner)

    3rd order. Nice 230gr projectile. Using with cfe pistol powder with excellent results.

  4. STEVEN JENSEN (verified owner)

    Nice bullets. I weighed several and they were all within 0.1 grain (230.1 -230.2) on my scale. They load,feed and shoot perfectly. I am able to load these for under $10 per box of 50 and get better performance than most factory loads.

  5. fishinfool1979 (verified owner)

    Nice consistent 230gr fmj projectiles. They function great, and are very accurate with CFE pistol. Just ordered another 1000, will order more in the future.

  6. lenny meoni (verified owner)

    getting a little pricey aint we

    • Jacob Wilcox

      We can only control the prices on the stuff we make. Not on what others make. Also, you might want to do some research on what copper and lead prices have done in the last year before you start this crap.


    I have used these many times and I am very pleased with them. They are very accurate and easy to load. Now to my real reason for this e-mail. People that expect the price not to change from year to year should try buying nothing but factory loaded ammo. I think they would then see how much the price is today compared to say a year ago for the same ammo. I don’t and won’t cry to see RMR has raised the price since they have to pay more for the materials to make the bullets I order. Hey a loaf of bread last year was less than it is this year and so is everything else I buy today. So think before you cry about price and just be glad RMR is still in business, I am. Thanks RMR for all the good products I have bought from you over the years. Thanks also for the great service. AL H.

  8. KENT (verified owner)

    Excellent bullet, thank you guys for all that you do for us !!!!! one of the best web sites I have ordered from. Good Service is hard to come by these days. Thanks

  9. Jeff W. (verified owner)

    Once again, great service as always from RMR. Got my order in about 4 weeks. Bullets look great and the test loads shoot fantastic out of my P220. I will definitely be ordering more of these in the future.
    Thank you again RMR for a great product!

  10. Lawndude

    Jake, tell Lenny to kiss your ass! I have loved your low prices for years! I started 50 years ago when all you could buy was very expensive fmj or over priced lead!

  11. ghostdogy1979 (verified owner)

    Only way these would shoot better is if RMR made them!! Good bullets all within 2 10th’s of grain of each other out of the lot I received. Loaded some for a friend he buys from RMR now as well.

  12. ghostdogy1979 (verified owner)

    Only way these would shoot better is if RMR made them!! Good bullets all within 2 10th’s of grain of each other out of the lot I received. Loaded some for a friend he buys from RMR now as well.

  13. murphymichele (verified owner)

    I’m very pleased with the whole purchase… Quality bullets,great price and really fast shipping. I will be returning To RMR for future orders.

  14. Bob G (verified owner)

    Wow. I ordered 500 on January 11th and they arrived yesterday January 15th. Good looking bullets and lightning speed to delivery. I plan to use them in the 1911 CMP Western Games Matches in March. I’m wondering who makes these if not RMR?

  15. Ian Warriner (verified owner)

    I ordered 500 .45 bullets April 5th and received them April 7th. Fast shipping, great bullets, and a good price. Thanks guys.

  16. Ethan Churchill (verified owner)

    I just received my first 1000 rounds of .45 ACP, unfortunately my mail carrier now wants a new route. The quality is great as always, and the shipping times are amazing. I ordered these Sunday night, RMR processed the order and shipped them late Monday afternoon, and my mail carrier delivered them today (Tuesday) at 10:40am. One of my friends that shoots and reloads is now an RMR customer as well.
    Thanks RMR, for all you do!

  17. Hilary C.

    These are great for 45 ACP! I really enjoy shooting these! Also, Let’s Go Brandon! #FJB and one more thing…. F U for voting for Biden!

  18. Hilary C.

    For anyone that voted for Biden….. F U C K Y O U!

  19. Mike (verified owner)

    Jacob Wilcox and company, I have been ordering from you guys for an long time now and I can say for sure you guys are 1st class, best prices, best products, and best service you will ever get anywhere 💥

  20. Lawndude

    To Hilary C.,I love you!

  21. haskie_a (verified owner)

    I am very upset! Upset with myself for not ordering more at the time. These FMJ bullets smack hard and for some reason feel heavier than the plated other brand even though both are marked as 230 grains. I love these bullets better than the other brand. I have a Kimber Ultra Carry II with 3″ barrel and a Kimber Custom Target II with a 5″ barrel…both shoot these bullets well with the same charges of powder. The other branded plated bullet has to have different charges for the 3″ barrel and 5″ barrel. I currently load these bullets at a velocity of about 840fps out of the 5″ barrel. Both handguns operate well. The accuracy is decent at 15 yards and 30 yards and 70 yards with the 5″ barrel. I do plan on getting more of these bullets. Thank You, very much RMR Staff. Also, FJB!!!

  22. Andrew L. (verified owner)

    I’ve loaded 1500 and fired 800 of these bullets so far, great accuracy at a greater price! Shipping is almost as fast as these bullets! So glad I found out about RMR, great company. Thanks!

  23. DC (verified owner)

    Excellent all purpose. 45 bullet. Been loading in .45ACP for years and recently in .450 Bushmaster. With 36.0 grains of Lil’ Gun at 2.135 COAL they shoot and group well in .450BM. Would recommend.

  24. chuck.bennett (verified owner)

    If you are shopping for 45 acp bullets look no further , go ahead and pull the trigger on these Outstanding bullets and dont look back . stellar customer service , fast shipping and an Outstanding product at an affordble price, thanks again jake for everything you guys do !

  25. Mike D (verified owner)

    I’ve loaded these with Silhouette; AA#5; True Blue; CFE Pistol, COAL = 1.260.” They all shot well suppressed, and unsuppressed. I will be ordering more.

  26. henry7364 (verified owner)

    These are probably the best FMJ 230 grain .452” bullets l have ever used. I shoot iron targets at various distances.
    They are placed 10, 15, 20, and 25 meters. I use Glocks 30S, 21.4,21.5 and 41.4.
    My load:
    RMR 230 grain FMJ
    R-P cases
    Titegroup 5 grains
    Now the only thing that I need is
    RMR Nukes in 45 caliber

  27. J Nordin (verified owner)

    Good blasting bullets. I weighed 100 of these and while most were within +/- 1gr, there were a few outliers. Had 3 that were considerably underweight with the most extreme weighing, I could shake this one a feel the lead rattling loose in the jacket. I would still buy these again b/c the price and service, but recommend weighing all your bullets before loading. Hopefully RMR can increase their product consistency b/c I really like to see small businesses succeed.

  28. Mike Smart

    Consistent weights. My last 1k order had 40 sampled with a mean of 229.463 gr with a standard deviation of 0.166 gr. Used lots with both colors of guiding metal jackets with no observable difference in performance or barrel fouling (reddish copper Vs brass colored). Profile might require a shorter OAL than some manufacturers if your chamber has a short throat. Found out after a barrel swap that some OAL book values for 230 grn fmj from other manufacturers will cause hard contact on the lands using these bullets in that specific chamber. Never showed up on my old worn barrel. This profile is probably a nice feature for older barrels with some throat erosion. Be careful about checking fit in your specific chamber, no different than any other bullet. Does anyone know what other commercial profile these are closest to?

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