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9mm 124 Gr. RMR FMJ Truncated Cone Flat Point MatchWinner Bullets

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RMR’s 9mm 124 Full Metal Jacket Flat Nose bullets. These bullets are made by us!

Not only are these bullets winning matches all across the United States, the more of these you buy, the sooner we will be able to get more machines to make additional calibers!!

These bullets are Made In The USA. They are manufactured at our Lewiston, Idaho location.

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Weight 0.2834 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

500, 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 12,000, 21,000

45 reviews for 9mm 124 Gr. RMR FMJ Truncated Cone Flat Point MatchWinner Bullets

  1. Nate

    I have shot many 9mm including coated lead from many manufactures and these are by far the easiest to handle and most accurate. They also work very well for 357 SIG for an enormous savings over factory ammo. I can’t recommend these enough.

  2. Paul

    I have loaded over 10000 of these bullets for competition and my wife has won the women’s division with them we no longer use any other bullets

  3. Abner

    My M&P Shield, Glock 19 and Zastava M70A eat this bullet up as well as all other RMR 9mm ball ammo. I DID have an issue with this particular bullet feeding in my PSA SBR, but I rectified that by simply seating the bullet slightly deeper and since then, no feeding issues. For those who are wondering I originally had the OAL at 1.12″ and now it’s at 1.09″.

  4. Sam Brown

    Ordered 2000 of these bullets shot them through my PCC and carry optics gun, they shoot great groups through both guns and flawless function as well. Ordering more soon

  5. Kohloff Paul

    I’ve loaded over 12 thousand of these heads. I tell people they can buy cheaper ammo on other sites, but they’d rather pay more for my ammo.

  6. Ralph Littlefield (verified owner)

    This bullet and the 147gn version are my go to bullets for 357Sig and 9MM. I need no other bullets for those calibers.

  7. mightyarmory (verified owner)

    Been using these RMR bullets for over a year now. Not looking to change anytime soon. They load well and shoot great out of all my 9mm pistols.

  8. davidmaj27 (verified owner)

    I have shot thousands of plated, cast and jacketed bullets from other suppliers but these are far the best quality bullet I have ever used. They group very well and at a very good price. I highly recommend them and I will never use any other bullet in my 9mm. Great job RMR on making this bullet. Keep up the good work.

  9. randellvansant (verified owner)

    Awesome bullets, RMR makes a great product, and sells at a great price. I also appreciate the good packaging and shipping. Unlike my previous supplier, whose packaging was so bad, i’m sure I lost some bullets in transit. RMR has a customer for life!

  10. Michael Curran (verified owner)

    Great product! Bought 1 thousand the first time, came back and bought 2 thousand more!

  11. Dale (verified owner)

    I’m very picky about plinking ammo. I’ve tried most of the bulk 124 grain bullets in jhp, fmj, and fmj/fp. These MW bullets are relatively inexpensive and shoot as accurately as Zero and Precision Delta bullets out of my 2011’s and Tanfoglio Limited. While I’ll keep some other brands on hand, I’ll continue to keep these in bulk. Now, do I want to try the new 135’s???

  12. Campcook

    124 Match Winner is very accurate, runs in all my guns used for IDPA, USPSA, and Outlaw Practical pistol guns. I found 1.110 OAL is the “sweet” length. Works well with Power Pistol. If you want a lower velocity load for 130 power factor, (1050fps) Sport Pistol is a better choice.

  13. Michael Curran (verified owner)

    OUTSTANDING !!!! These are great bullets. they load well, have tight groups, and make nice round holes! What else can you ask for? Great prices and great people to deal with! Sierra Hotel!

  14. Sean S. (verified owner)

    The weight is consistent. Groups are outstanding. Makes minor power factor with 3.7 Titegroup all day long out of my Canik SFX, Tanfo Stock 2, Glock 34, and Shadow!
    There’s no reason to use anything else!

  15. David V (verified owner)

    These 9mm 124 Gr. RMR Truncated Cone Flat Point MatchWinner. They are very nice bullets. Just received my 1000 bullet order and am completely satisfied. Very clean and ready to reload.

  16. dustin.jones98 (verified owner)

    Hands down, my favorite 9mm bullet. I’ve tried other bullets that I’ve found for slightly less money, but I keep coming back to these. These shoot more accurately and consistently than any other I’ve tried.

  17. Jamie Sue (verified owner)

    These are excellent bullets and the only ones from now on that I will use not only to practice with but also at GSSF and IDPA competitions. I shoot Glock and they seem to like FMJ bullets better than plated with which I have had a tumbling problem. I load with 3.8 grains of TiteGroup powder. Not only is their product the best, their shipping department is top-notch and customer oriented. Very pleased with RMR.

  18. NAC (verified owner)

    Nice bullet, well made and consistent weight and dia.
    1/1/2 “-2” groups and 25 yds rested
    Buy them they’re worth it

  19. David W (verified owner)

    RMR’s new jacketed 9mm 124 gr Truncated FN are the best 9mm bullets I have ever shot and that with AAA customer service you can’t go wrong.

  20. morrisCA3 (verified owner)

    Just loaded my 4,000 round of the 124 gn flat point truncated cone. they are fantastic

  21. Dean (verified owner)

    Just started reloading 9mm because you can buy them so cheap but with RMR’s prices I’m now reloading match grade rounds for less then 1/2 the price —thanx RMR

  22. Greg Olson (verified owner)

    ‘I am now a very loyal customer to Jake and the gang at RMR. Love reloading my own USPSA loads and saving money. I am referring everyone I can over to RMR as well. A buddy as we speak is placing his first order as a result of me weaning him away from unhealthy plastic unknown coatings with unknown carcinogens(Sis is a RN)
    Greg Olson,Minnesota

  23. Allen baker (verified owner)

    Excellent!!!!!!!. Ordered 1000 of these as they are jacketed and have only used lead t.c’s in the past .What a killer load they make .I finally worked up the best load using 5.7 grs. of sport pistol with Remington primers and finally got the group of .93 inches at 25 yards indoors.This was off hand and with 2 people watching ……I was beside myself .The pistol I was using is a kimber 5 inch stainless 2 in 9mm and was more than slightly I get older my accuracy has gotten a little spotty but occasionally I can do ok.Heres the thing ,These are probably capable of much more as I used a hodge podge if pick up brass.By the time I was done running batch after batch I realized I had used up the entire 1000 pcs. But found that over pressure is not good for these ….about 1200 fps was best .C.o.l ended up around 1.17 ran perfectly through all my cz’s tested.I now need more of these when I get the extra $ and what to try the 115 gr and the 135 ‘s. Next time will do it right with batch sorted brass,match primers and match powder .By the way the 124 gr jhp projectiles are some of the best I have used ……just go through them way to fast ……the 115 gr plated seconds are awesome as well Thank you guys for making well produced projectiles at an affordable price.

  24. Gio (verified owner)

    The BEST bullet! ‘Nuff said!I will be forever customer.

  25. Logan (verified owner)

    Simply the most accurate 9mm bullet I have ever shot. It’s a very forgiving bullet that works well with a vast majority of powders. RMR is a great company that makes great products!

  26. bob francisco (verified owner)

    best flat point bullet i have found . Glocks and 1911 eat them up. accuracy @ 25-100yds working on a tight group
    load. 3.8 @ 1.090- 1.125 so far so good. give them a try, RMR ROCKS!

  27. minelabbob (verified owner)

    best flat point bullet i have found . Glocks and 1911 eat them up. accuracy @ 25-100yds working on a tight group
    load. 3.8 @ 1.090- 1.125 so far so good. give them a try, RMR ROCKS!

  28. Michael (verified owner)

    Excellent product. RMR have a customer for life here!

  29. Michael Curran (verified owner)

    I have bought several thousand of these, and I’m sure I will buy several thousand more. Great bullets – accurate -and my guns just love them!

  30. Michael Curran (verified owner)

    I have bought several thousand of these, and I’m sure I will buy several thousand more. Great bullets – accurate -and my guns just love them!

  31. CG Mick Jr (verified owner)

    This is my go to bullet for the 357 Sig. It shoots and loads well into that cartridge. I also use it in my 9mm loads. Will be ordering more of these bullets. What a savings over 357 sig ammo. Good job RMR. Packaging is also good.

  32. Will (verified owner)

    Absolutely incredible for reloading 357 Sig. 9grains of Bluedot. Around 8.00 per box of 50!

  33. laceygm75 (verified owner)

    Can’t beat them! They load easy and shoot very well. Have shot about 5K of them and don’t plan to change. I tell everyone about RMR.

  34. Esteban (verified owner)

    These are identical to bullets in factory loaded .357 Sig ammo, ideal for that caliber.

  35. Matt Bishop (verified owner)

    RMR 124gr 9mm match grade bullets are the best 9mm bullet ive bought ever. They are the perfect bullet for my 357sig. Ill never shop anywhere else but RMR they have my business for life. Shipping was faster then excepted

  36. Jimmie Wood (verified owner)

    Most accurate bullet in all my 9mm pistols. CZ and a Springfield clone P9. Tried them in my PC carbine and they eat a quarter size hole at 25 yards, half dollar hole at 50 yards. Loading with 5.0 gr CFE pistol, COL. 1.080. Great bullet, great price. Will order nothing else from now on. Also thanks for great packaging RMR.

  37. Gary J Hutchison (verified owner)

    I recently discovered your company and ordered a small order of 124 Matchwinners and 147 Matchwinners. I have been shooting PPC for over 40 years and shoot a 6″ Springfield custom 1911. After some work, manipulating powder and bullet seating depth, I was able to get consistent groups yesterday of 1 3/8″ at 50 yards using the 124 bullet from a Ransom rest. The bullets are very consistent and easy to work with. Thanks for the good product at a time when components are hard to find. I will be making another order.

  38. Craig B. (verified owner)

    I am using these in 357 Sig. I have been struggling with this caliber to find a good load that I like. I ran some RMR 124g MPR / JHP which were OK, but I wasn’t happy. the 124g MW Truncated cone seems to work a lot better. feeding was good, and the accuracy was better.

    8.0g of Power Pistol / 1.140 OAL CCI primers.

  39. Greg (verified owner)

    These are our favorite bullets, we have loaded over 17,000 of them and are ordering more today.
    They work well in all of our 9mm weapons and are accurate.
    Our typical load is designed to work well in all of our weapons and is 4.2gr of AA#2 loaded at 1.1. That load works great in everything from our S&W Shield, Sig 320s, and PCC.
    It is clean and works well both normal and suppressed.

  40. Alfredo Oliveros Sr (verified owner)

    Great bullets. I use universal and win244 3.8grs on my S/W, rugerPcc9 and 1920 lugerP08. Perfect target.

  41. MICHAEL SPRIGGS (verified owner)

    Fabulous in my FM9 and Canik Mete, any of my 9mm’s for that matter. Particularly outstanding in the FM9 for some reason.
    I won’t run anything else through that rifle moving forward.

  42. bruce e gelispie (verified owner)

    i use this 124gr. with 357sig 38super, 9mm. these bullets really shines in 357sig . i chronographed this bullet @ 1400fps with power pistol & be86 powders.

  43. mitchell w. cox (verified owner)

    You can pay a lot more but you won’t get any better than the Match Winner. I have been competing for 40 plus years, I have tried them all. The 124 MW is by far the most accurate bullet on the market today. Any pistol I own will shoot the tightest groups with these bullets. Simply the best at any price point period.

  44. Kevin Harris (verified owner)

    Purchased 500 124gr MW to work up loads for my SA XD Compact and XD Elite. With Acc. 7, 6.7gr to 6.9gr, 10 shot groups averaged 2″ or less off hand at 33′. Very satisfied with these bullets.

  45. Timothy DeLullo (verified owner)

    Wow these are good shooting bullets. Many one inch 5 shot groups at 15 yards from my Smith M and P 2.0—standing .

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