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9mm 147 Gr. RMR Full Metal Jacket Round Nose Bullets

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This bullet requires a seating depth minimum OAL of about 1.15? to chamber reliably in most handguns when loading 9mm. Most reloading manuals will specify a 1.13? for a flat nose 147 and we’ve found that it works well in our guns. However, there are some handguns that have a very short leade that will not allow for the bullet to be seated that long. Glock Gen 5’s and CZ pistols are known for their short leades and this bullet may not work for them. There are no issues with loading these for all other Glock models. If you are one of the CZ or Glock Gen 5 owners who has one of these please feel free to contact the manufacturer and chew them out for making their barrels so difficult.

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5 reviews for 9mm 147 Gr. RMR Full Metal Jacket Round Nose Bullets

  1. Adam R Licko (verified owner)

    I have been using RMR 147 grn for all my 9mm match rounds and I couldnt be happier. The consistency of each bullet, make these ideal for anyone who wants quality, without hurting your wallet. Shooters I compete against ask if they can try them and they cant believe They are reloads. Use these, take your time to work up loads for your gun and you’ll love them too.

  2. Tom C. (verified owner)

    I offer a differing opinion, based on experimentation with my CZ Shadow 2. Have read all the comments about short “LEADEs” in the CZ barrel. Experimented. Made up dummy loads from one fired cases with a slight amount of belling so that you could put in a bullet. Then had the bullets all the way out and pushed into a Springfield 1911 9mm barrel. Measured the COAL. Then put that bullet into my CZ barrel. YEP….the bullet was pushed back more. BUT, it was WAY longer than the overall max recommended (memory) COAL of 1.170.

    BUT, I had had issues with chambering on the CZ and found that any FTF would work fine in my Glock (gen 4 and 5) or my Smith MP 5L Pro. Discussed with some rifle match shooters.

    Problem was the CRIMP. As an experienced novice, I just “GUESSED” at the crimping pressure. My buddies had me set up the Crimp/Seat die as follows…

    Back out the Seating Plug. Loosen up the locking ring (I noted WHERE it was in my original setup).

    Put a sized, primed and belled shell in the press and run the ram UP to full length. Then start to turn or screw down the die, with finger pressure, until the die (crimping taper) just contacts or touches. NOW….crank it down about 1/4 turn. That will be about 0.018″ based on the 14 TPI thread.

    Leave it there and then set your OAL (COAL) dimension. Say 1.125″. Run a few. Had a LITTLE bit of resistance. Then they had me screw the die in another 1/8 turn. That is 3/8 turn or about 0.027″ of crimp. PERFECT.

    OK…took the RMR 147 GR RN. Also used a competitor’s 147 Cu plated RN. I then loaded several test rounds and kept backing OUT the bullet seating plug. I quit when I got to 1.160.

    NO PROBLEMS with the PLUNK test. I also tried them in the Springfield barrel. SAME….no issues.

    So, from a chambering standpoint (CZ has SHORT LEADE), there is not an issue and I could load in the recommended 1.15? range….

    As an aside….I was putting almost 0.130 or maybe 4 – 5 TIMES TOO MUCH CRIMP. BUT, I could shoot the RMR IF I backed off on the COAL as the bulge or distortion was being spread out or moving back towards the rim.

    Backing off the COAL, in my opinion, is a simple fix but masks the real issue. OVERCRIMPING.

    As a RSO at our club, I am involved or supervise “jams, FTF, etc.”. Usually a more experienced member will come over and off the same advice….”buy a Lyman FACTORY crimp die” and PLUNK test EVERY load. WHOA…

    I now believe, based on my experiments and also my experiences, that if you use the 0.025 recommended crimping dimension, that there will be no problems with these (or others) 147’s in a short or narrow LEADE chamber.

  3. Mark (verified owner)

    Only shot 10 so far but all were very accurate out of a mossberg mc1sc. 3.2gr titegroup 1.134 oal.

  4. Trevor A (verified owner)

    Nice bullets for making subsonic rounds. I have shot about 2500 so far with no issues. I load for a few guns including a CZ p 07 and a CMMG Banshee style AR9 which has the shortest throat of all my 9mm firearms. Great FMJ bullets.

  5. Scott (verified owner)

    Great Bullets for IDPA/USPSA! I have shot about 1,000 of these so far, and I have had no problems with them. I load these to 1.145″ which varies at most by +- .005 on my Lee Loadmaster with mixed range brass, and I primarily shoot them out of my Glock 17 Gen 5. I have not had ONE feeding issue (so not real sure what the description of these, here, is getting at), and they shoot more accurately than I can shoot–they work great for the go fast shooting in IDPA and USPSA (I normally finish in the top 4 or 5 in my club matches with other really good shooters)! I have mainly used 3.9gr of Winchester Super Field powder, and it shoots with a flatter recoil than 3.5gr of Bullseye and, certainly, other factory loads. Love ’em!

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