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.224 62 Gr. Hornady Lead Core Full Metal Jacket (No Steel)

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These are brand new boat tail 62 grain FMJ bullets. They are made by Hornady.   They have a lead core and copper jacket.  They will not attract a magnet.  Great choice for plinking!

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

500, 1,000, 2,000, 5,000

26 reviews for .224 62 Gr. Hornady Lead Core Full Metal Jacket (No Steel)

  1. Evan (verified owner)

    Packaged as expected, loose in a bag. They were packaged well though, being put inside a box and then in a padded envelope kind of thing. I weighed 15 random round, all of them were between 61.9-62.1 gr.
    The only complaint is the bullets left a weird taste in my mouth after I smelled them, but I don’t plan on smelling them again so 5/5 would buy again.

  2. James Sine (verified owner)

    Recently loaded these with 23.6g of Ramshot X-Terminator with phenomenal results (even with me pulling the trigger). Looking forward to getting more of these.

  3. Paul (verified owner)

    Excellent Bullets, sub moa when I do my part, my rifles like this bullet with 23.5 gr CFE. Thanks RMR, will order more.

  4. Todd (verified owner)

    I have bought (2) 1,000 CT orders of these 62 gr bullets (.224), with the correct powder charge, seat depth, these bullets are honestly very accurate. Atleast in my 20 inch 1/8 twist AR15. I’m definitely a customer for life.

  5. Chris (verified owner)

    Using. FC 223 brass, cci 450, and 2520 just below published max and getting great results. I like shooting these because my A2 irons work well with them at long range. They shoot really flat out to 300 meters, so I also get good results with my holographic sight as well. I used a scope while developing the load and it shot just under 1 moa. I will buy these again. I think they shoot equal to or better than Hornady 55gr fmj, and they make a better alternative for ss109 bullets.

  6. Sam

    well worth it

  7. borch1911a1 (verified owner)

    First effort with these 62’s produced 100 yard 7/8″ 5 shot group using 24.0 grains IMR 4895, CCI 41 LC brass. 24″ bull ar platform. Still have some work but they look very promising. Just ordered more. Thank you.

  8. Mike (verified owner)

    Bullets look great; I haven’t loaded any yet. I just want to review the review by the guy who is sniffing these bullets and then telling us all about it. Bruh, you nutty!`

  9. Jason Shepherd (verified owner)

    I cant be happier with these projectiles. And RMR I found RMR about a year ago and I’m glad I did. Thank you for not price gouging us like others have done. You all are worth the wait for your products.

  10. Tyler (verified owner)

    I have ordered 2 separate 1000 packs of these. They are very nice quality freedom seeds

  11. markwinfrey (verified owner)

    These bullets are very consistent I weighed 100 rounds and 85% to 90% were dead on 62 gr. The other 10 or 15 % were only off one tenth of a grain plus or minus. If you weigh and sort your bullets that will help your group consistency. I shoot these out of my M4 clone and it loves these bullets.

  12. Michael (verified owner)

    I am so glad I found RMR bullets. They are not gouging like a lot of other companies and they offer great products. I will never buy from the companies I have used in the past because of price gouging AAA+++++ RMR BULLETS.

  13. Tc

    These are good bullets, was at work today and missed an order of your own 69s…mayby next time.

  14. Terry (verified owner)

    Good stuff missed your 69s.

  15. Eric (verified owner)

    I just realized I am way behind in my bullet review!! Last July or so, I ordered and then received a 1000 62 gr. fmj on Sept 17th 2020 complete with a handwritten ‘Thank You’ and hand drawn smiley face on the package! The things I remember were outstanding RMR customer service and their produce. It took a little while BUT that was fine by me; considering we were all involved in a pandemic while having a massive run on reloading supplies and sh!t tickets during a Presidential election year.
    Went a tried and true load of 26.1 gr of CFE223, Starline brass, Remington #7 1/2 srbr primers and loaded up 480 rounds. My Ruger MPR loves that load w/ 62 grain bullets and these RMR 62 grain FMJ bullets were/are a perfect match for that combination. Thank You for saving the day RMR Bullets!! 🙂

  16. nsuwillia78 (verified owner)

    Great & Simple to Re-load. Fun accurate little shooters & will get the job done. I’ll Looking out for SP version RMR. Thank you!

  17. Eric williams (verified owner)

    I love these
    My guns love these.

    And at a decent price. Well worth the wait.
    Fixing to buy more.

  18. Joel cloutier

    Great bullets ,no price gouging. this is my place to go from now on

  19. slayterworks (verified owner)

    Getting 1/2″ groups at 100 yards, I’m happy.

  20. James (verified owner)

    Fair price, quick shipping and good quality bullets made by Hornady that my rifles loves to shoot I’m getting sub-moa accuracy from these bullets and they load easily in my Dillon press. Thanks RMR for making these available.

  21. Don Terrien

    Very nice bullets! Weighed 10 bullets. All between 62.09 – 62.19

  22. Sebastian Seebacher (verified owner)

    Great price on a better than average bullet – loading these with 22.0gr of H335 gets me sub moa from a 18″ 1:8 twist green mountain 223W barrel – right around .88moa at 100yd

  23. Kenny Hoover

    Great bullets for general use. I’ve rand them in 16 and 18 ARs and 16 inch Mini 14. RMR is great company to order from, great ambassadors to the shooting sports!

  24. Lyonell Keplar Jr (verified owner)

    Excellent, consistent bullets. Excellent, consistent customer service. Great prices. Everything about RMR is quality, right down to the little smiley faces and notes on my invoice (these always make me smile).

  25. Ben Greenfield (verified owner)

    Once I got my charge weight worked out these projectiles are fantastic. Far more accurate than any factory load I have run. And as good as these bullets are this review is even more about RMR. These guys have been fantastic on every order I’ve ever places and are my go to source for all my reloading projectiles. I cannot say enough good things about this company

  26. Nathan Spurgeon

    They really are very consistent!!! I have had great results through 4000 of them. Oh… and by the way… I think they smell just fabulous and they even taste much better!!!! 🤣

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