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.50 275 Gr. Premium Bonded Plated Hollow Point



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These are .500 in diameter. We measured several of them with a micrometer and they vary between .500 and .4995. They are a very high quality bonded bullet that were provided to us by a major US manufacturer. It’s a discontinued design and the manufacturer does not want their identity revealed, so we must respect that wish. Please don’t ask us to violate that agreement.

This bullet does not normally have a cannelure. The cannelure was added at our request to make these bullets, which were designed for the .50 AE cartridge, more compatible with the .500 S&W. And, at this price you’ll want to stock up!

These would be a great bullet for those who want the ultimate stopping power in a self defense round! These are very light for the caliber so they can be driven pretty fast! We have a good amount of them but once they are gone we will not be able to get more so we suggest you order as many as you can!

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Weight 0.6286 oz

100, 250, 500, 1,000, 2,000


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