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9mm 124 Gr. RMR Jacketed Hollow Point (Multi Purpose Round) Bullets

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We’ve been testing them for a while in calibrated ballistics gel and results have been very promising. It is recommended that you shoot them at 1150 FPS or more to get reliable expansion for self defense or hunting purposes.

This bullet also makes a great target round.

Check out this video of how we stack up against another manufacturer’s JHP.

RMR vs Nosler


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Weight 0.2834 oz

100, 250, 500, 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 12,000, 21,000

52 reviews for 9mm 124 Gr. RMR Jacketed Hollow Point (Multi Purpose Round) Bullets

  1. derek (verified owner)

    Great bullet. Expands as advertised. Great accuracy. Great price. My opinion best value for a defense reload bullet out there-for the cost of a target bullet. Bonus-RMR is a great USA company with outstanding customer service. I am going to keep buying these as long as they keep making them! Thanks RMR. DK

  2. Glenn

    Gorgeous bullets, have to beat off the paparazzi at plate shoots when people see them in my Steyr S357-A1. All kidding aside, 1325 FPS with 7 gr CFE Pistol is a devastating round against any Texas Star. Love the product. RMR is the BEST!.

  3. Michael Bolduc

    I loaded these bullets over 5.8 grains Hercules Unique,Fed.aluminum case(also from RMR) fired at saturated parts catalogs from a 3″ bbl Taurus P111 at a distance of 30′ Bullets expanded beautifully to .060″ my carry gun has sharp teeth !!??

  4. pat_lannon (verified owner)

    I recently received my order of 2,000, 124 gr. JHP multi purpose bullets. This is the second time ordering this bullet type. The long and short of this review is to state I am totally satisfied with the tight tolerance of this round and the inherent accuracy of it. In my opinion , RMR has produced a near perfect defense round for my 357 Sig. Loaded at 10.5 grains of Alliant Bluedot powder this pill exceeds 1400 fps from my P320.

    Thanks folks for developing this great round.

  5. JDH (verified owner)

    The RMR 9mm 124gr MPR is a great value. After loading and shooting 3,000 of these I just ordered another 3,000. In 3,000 I only found one minor manufacturing defect while all the rest looked perfect. My current loading out of a Glock 17:

    Powder: CFE Pistol 5.1 grains
    Primer: CCI-500
    OAL: 1.070”
    Average Velocity: 1124 fps
    Lee Factory Crimp

  6. Jeff Church

    I switched to these bullets from Montana Gold JHP. They perform beautifully in my STI Open Gun. My load data

    6.8gr CFE Pistol
    Winchester small rifle primers
    OAL 1.130

  7. Derek (verified owner)

    Took a few bullets to South Africa. My PH loaded them for his Glock 19. He was happy as he could shoot an inch off-hand at 15m. The next day he had the opportunity to shoot a small warthog at close range that got into the lodge area. 1 shot dropped it almost immediately. The exit hole was big and ragged. It looked to be just over half an inch. Very effective.

  8. Jesse C

    These bullets are quality without the big price compared to the others out there. They are consistent accurate and feed extremely well. I’ve found the bullet company that will keep my business, try em and you will love them. These are my go to bullet for USPSA but wouldn’t hesitate to use these in edc and plinking.

  9. Nathan h (verified owner)

    These are really great bullets. I load and shoot them in a g17/19 and a cz scorpion evo. They are rediculous accurate. I load them with 6.2gr of n350 and 6gr rams hit sillohette. They run great. I haven’t done anything to capture one and check expansion but I have no doubt the work and described. Great price on them, great looking bullets. My only grip is that you guys haven’t started making a 200/230gr .451 bullet in this profile!! Thanks rmr team. Keep up the great work

  10. Rob

    Great bullets. they shoot very accurate for the price. I shot them in glock 17 and 26.

  11. BADDOG1992 (verified owner)

    I have loaded and shot several hundred of these. I’m pleased with Feeding and accuracy all around. I use 5 gr of CFE to push them and have good performance with 3” to 4.5” barrels from several different pistols. RMR is hands down the best customer service I’ve had ANYWHERE! I will continue to be an RMR customer for as long as I reload.

  12. Crossdraw John

    Bought these for my AR9mm. The rifle loves them. Very accurate. They feed great and I have not had a problem at all. The only problem is when you read this you will be buying them up and maybe not leave me any for my next order

  13. Casey Pahmeyer (verified owner)

    First off these bullets look great and customer service couldnt be any better. I contacted RMR customer service with some questions and thier response was very quick and helpful.
    One thing i ran into while reloading these for my G19 Gen5 was due to glocks marksman barrel the bullets had to be seated to an OAL of 1.055 or less to properly chamber the round, any greater and the bullet made contact with the rifling before the case was fully chambered and not allowing to go into full battery. Its a Gen5 thing and nothing to due with the bullet. So to possibly help the next guy, i loaded with 4.8gn of CFE with a oal of 1.055 and chronographed at 1101fps with a dv of 9.9, i was very happy with that load. Thanks RMR for your products and service.

  14. leighton (verified owner)

    Super impressed with the quality and accuracy of RMR bullets, I am a GM practical shooter, and two time member of the USPSA World Shoot Team USA. I shoot about 20 major matches a year, and dozens of local matches. I compete in many divisions, but Open is my primary with a .38 Supercomp EMG Eddie Garcia pistol.
    The RMR bullets consistently give me a one to two inch group at 25-30 yards, and a three to four inch at 50 yards, shooting off hand.
    I load Hodgdon CFE powder on a Mark7 Revolution press, as well as a Dillon 1050L.
    I average about 1350 fps
    In 2018 I shot around 50,000 rounds of RMR 124gr JHP, and I plan to use them in 2019 as well.
    I practice and shoot matches with the same load.

    • Jacob Wilcox (verified owner)

      Thanks for the review Leighton! Best customer ever!

  15. Jim (verified owner)

    Good bullet at a great price. I get very consistent seating depths with this bullet.

  16. John Deszell (verified owner)

    I love these for my PCC. These group as well at 50 yards as plated do at 25 yards without much load development. Loaded up 5k so far…need to order some more

  17. Eric J Harris (verified owner)

    These bullets have performed flawlessly. Shooting out of my m&p 2.0 4″ barrel. Loaded 5.3 of cfe and oal of 1.060. 1188 fps ave and sd of 8.9. Gonna order alot more soon. Rmr is a great company and love ordering from them!

  18. perrytilton (verified owner)

    Absolutely love these bullets. They work well in my G19x, G34, G26, G43, P-01, 75B, P-09, P-10C, P30L and Scorpion. Never had one bad bullet yet, out of 3,000. Just ordered 3,000 more. Price is unmatched in a utility bullet. Excellent enough for defense and competition , but still cheap enough to plink around with.

    5.4gr CFE Pistol
    Mixed brass
    CCI SmPP
    1.080″ COAL
    1170 FPS from CZ P-01
    1225 FPS from G34

  19. Clint

    Very impressed with this bullet. My load is:
    4.8gr WW 231
    CCI 500
    Sorted brass, flash hole deburred.
    Worked up a load for my Glock’s, which turned out to be incredible.
    Same load is more impressive with my son’s Sig 225.
    Very consistent bullet, for those who are OCD about reloading.
    6 of 5 stars.

  20. Rollis Karvellis

    Did some load testing today with with RMR 115 gn. L.B. and the 124 gn. NPR’s.
    If the rest of the NPR bullets I loaded continue to function as well as the 100 I shot today did when the lead ball is gone I plan to go to this bullet exclusively for my 9mm.

    One problem solved.

    Beretta 92
    124 gn RMR JHP
    Win.231 (1980’s production) 4.3 gn
    Magtech S.P. primer
    OAL 1.0885

  21. Mark Cooper (verified owner)

    My HK loves this bullet. Unique powder + Fiocchi primer+ RMR 124 JHP = very happy HK vpn

  22. Mark

    Best & most accurate bullets on the market! I use flat points in both 45 & 9mm & am very satisfied!

  23. Keith (verified owner)

    I’ve been through a few thousand of these to date- they are extremely consistent, load well and shoot terrific~ I’ve been shooting them in 9mm all along and now also in 38 Super. In 9mm they are my most accurate projectile. They shoot well with any powder, but best to date is Silhouette, from my guns. Still working up in 38 Super but early results are excellent.

    Quality is great, as is the price in bulk! If you are on the fence for some reason, lean over and give these a try- I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

  24. Ralf (verified owner)

    Loaded these over 5 Gr. Autocomp. One hole groups at 30yds out of my pcc. Count me in!

  25. 3rrforrester (verified owner)

    These are great bullets and unbeatable for the price. Not only do they seat consistently, the jackets expand but stay together.

  26. Wesley Hurless (verified owner)

    I’m a brand new customer to RMR and during a very awkward time for both RMR and their customer base.
    I cannot comment yet on the product integrity however I wanted to get this initial review posted regarding RMR’s customer service during these difficult initial stages of this virus scare. The RMR team has communicated their situation very well and have continued to update the customer base as things progress. Having procured from many sources over the years, I have to say that it was very apparent upon opening my shipment that they care enough to add a personal touch such as hand written thank you notes and pack slip verification, business cards, and little extras in the box. At a time when most suppliers are just throwing things together to get it out the door, this team took that little bit of extra time to “put a bow on it”. Also of importance from more of a pragmatic perspective is that I have never received a box of bullets packaged better than the 3k I just received from RMR. They were boxed separately in 1k boxes, taped up very well, and re-boxed and taped up again so that regardless of any shipper negligence, these bullets will arrive without being busted open or mixed up, with some missing. How many times have any of us received “that box” of bullets that wasn’t packaged and preserved properly. My first impression is that these guys are communicating well, mean to do what’s best for their customers, and give a damn about their reputation.
    I’ll post again once I’ve had a chance to mic some of these and get some loaded and downrange, but for now…get your orders in (at a fair price btw), and be patient while they work their asses off to fill all the orders that we can only imagine they are seeing right now.

  27. Michael (verified owner)

    Purchased 2000 of these bullets several months ago and finally got around to loading them. These bullets are consistent and shot amazingly out of both my Glock and PCC. At this price I will shoot these all daylong over any other bullets.

  28. Kerry (verified owner)

    Great bullet, even won my local league (25 yard bulls-eye shoot) a couple times with them.
    I have even reloaded them for my 350 Legend AR platform, just under a 2″ group at 100 yards from an old rickety shooting table.
    Using Lil Gun powder in the Legend with great results. Makes a great target plinker or varmint bullet. It was just going to be a fun test round but now I keep them on hand for the Legend.

  29. paulfrancisministries (verified owner)

    The 124 gr JHP master pieces absolutely an outstanding round I’ve had them expand to .6216 shooting thru my Caniks a TP9SF and a TP9SFX I load 7gr Vv 3N38 with cci primers.
    I will be purchasing many more rounds from RMR.
    God Bless RMR and God Bless America
    Paul Francis From TEXAS

  30. Kyle (verified owner)

    I have not shot these yet, but I just wanted to thank rmr for there service and the quality of these rounds. All of the bullets that I measured were all exactly the same length and width. Compared to gdhp that are actually very inconsistent supprisingly and much more expensive. I’m not really sure how they do it but I’m expecting great thing in terms of performance from these.

  31. R.Moore (verified owner)

    Arrived today. Thanks for filling the backorder so soon. Good looking bullet, weight appears to be very consistent, can’t wait to get a few loaded up.

  32. Bob Morrison (verified owner)

    I shoot these in my 350 Legend with IMR 4227. Shoot an inch all day long out of a Ruger American Ranch. Have not tried them on Boar yet, but am preparing to within a month. I am sure they will work fine. Over run with Hogs in Texas so I don’t have to take a shot I really don’t like. We go for neck shots and anything will assume them to ambient temperature on the spot. Really a good fun plinking bullet. IMR 4227 meters well and at starting loads the pressure is low. Burns clean and it lights easy. I will get back to you on game performance. Bob M

  33. Paul Eason (verified owner)

    These bullets are AWESOME! Loading with PP and CCI primers, I’m getting very low SDs when I run them around 1125fps in our guns. Accuracy: they exceed my capabilities so from my perspective they are excellent. My son-in-law is an excellent marksman and he is doing very well with these bullets. We have loaded about 1K so far, shot around 500 and I have another 2K on order. I will be ordering more when the 2K order comes in. Thanks RMR for a great product and great service. Please know that the hard work you guys put in is cementing my view of RMR as a long term supplier for my projectile needs. Thanks, Paul

  34. Steve Hay (verified owner)

    Love RMR, loaded 1200 rounds and have put 800 down range. Out standing product. I have been buying the 124 gr hollow points. Very accurate, I was shooting steal at a friends and they were awesome. You can’t go wrong with their bullets. I will admit I am amazed that people are complaining about the shipping time. I am just glad I can find bullets. Thanks again for a great product, and working your butts off to get bullets to us.


    These bullets load easy, expand out of my LC9 and PM9 at 20 yards. I’m ordering more now knowing it’ll be a few months B4 I’ll get them.
    I won’t call, unless I want to talk fishing or family with Jake.

  36. paulfrancisministries (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered these 124 jhp and never have been disappointed
    consistent bullets every time consistent shooting and expanding these are my only go to bullets now even with the 10 week backup I just order more at a time . Waiting for ya”ll to make a 45acp jhp now life would be grand

  37. Charles Richardson (verified owner)

    Fantastic hollow points. They will be all I shoot from now on as long as the quality stays this good.

  38. John (verified owner)

    This review is for the 9mm 124 Gr. RMR Jacketed Hollow Point (Multi Purpose Round) Bullets. If I’m going to be using hollow points in defense scenarios it isn’t practical to practice with cheap plated bullets. RMR makes affordable bullets so that I am able to keep my skills sharp. They compare very favorably to similar rounds from manufacturers charging much more. I was told upfront that the bullets would take 8 weeks to arrive on backorder and they arrived a bit earlier than expected. I hope RMR keeps up the good work they are doing. It is rare to come across an American company that produces an extremely good product at an extremely fair price and is honest and truly cares about their customers. Thank You!

  39. Chris Klein (verified owner)

    I love these bullets the group well when I push them fast with Longshot… they expand and stay together. they are weighted well… all around a great product. I’ve loaded a couple thousand and look forward to thousands more.

  40. rrobert05 (verified owner)

    Ordered these on December 15 got them four weeks earlier than they predicted. Loading some up now. Always fast shipping well packed products keep up the good work guys and gals.

  41. william clare (verified owner)

    These are the best out there for the price and point of aim was spot on out of the Kimber, These are Great !!!

  42. Shawn Gray (verified owner)

    Loaded these up with Titegroup, as well as a few others powders to try, Titegroup gave me a low extreme spread

    Very accurate from my PCC AR-15 style,

    Test today over my chronograph, 1225-1283 fps, 1253 fps average fps,

    Water bucket, tried to capture a bullet, at the FPS my loads are at bullet fragmented, a few other brand of bullets did the same Sig, hornady tested in the water bucket also fragmented, not RMR fault

    Misjudged my powder charges, need to back them off

    Very happy with the purchase I have made will be buying more in the future

  43. ruf

    Good bullets but he raised prices in Jan then stopped selling them altogether. Odd thing to do for his most popular bullet.

    • Jacob Wilcox (verified owner)

      Yeah, it’s almost like we’ve had a shortage of copper, lead, and labor in the US. But lets complain and see if that helps.

  44. DavidW-Texas (verified owner)

    124 JHP – great value & consistency by length & weight. Shoot out of an M&P 2.0 w/5.5″ KKM threaded barrel. COAL = 1.1″ / Starline cases / Fed 100M primers / 7.9 gr Accurate# 7 = 1267 FPS avg, 17′ ES / 6.5 SD. 8.2 gr Shooters World Major Pistol = 1262 FPS avg, 13′ ES / 6.4 SD. Quick load est. 1160 FPS for a 3.8″ barrel. Very accurate. One of my favorite 9mm bullets.

  45. christefano2016 (verified owner)

    These are the best RMR 9mm bullets I’ve loaded This bullet gives one of the most consistent OAL’s of any bullet I’ve loaded so far. Their brass FMJ have about 25% long OAL that need to be reseated . That’s with sorted brass. Not these , they crank out and shoot very well for USPSA or fun .

  46. Cam Rooney (verified owner)

    I don’t need to shoot these bullets to give a 5 star rating because everything I’ve purchased from RMR is perfect! Keep up the great work and my business is yours forever!!

  47. olincasey (verified owner)

    I purchased 500 to test. These bullets are very similar in shape and nose profile to Nosler’s 124 jhp.
    I am very very impressed by the quality and consistency. I’ll stop buying noslers bullets for these from now on.

  48. Sean

    I ordered these this weekend and had them on Monday, what? That just does not happen anymore. This is my new go to source for bullets.

  49. Lewis Medlin

    Thanks Jacob for the fine bullets like always, I’ve been a loyal customer for many years and many more to come.

  50. E (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful product, packaged great and shipped fast!

  51. Chris Klein (verified owner)

    I’ve loaded a couple thousand of these over 5.7gr Longshot a slower powder for a carbine load. Tightest group at 100 yard for my carbine.

  52. Kyle Preston (verified owner)

    Before I get into the projectiles, customer service and shipping was outstanding! I paid the extra $3.00 and received the projectiles in 3 days. I will be ordering more!

    As for the projectiles, exactly what I was looking to load. My carry ammo is Winchester Ranger T 124+p. I loaded these at 5.5 of Power Pistol with an OAL of 1.11. This load chrono’d at 1204 avg with a standard deviation of 10. This specific load shot to the same point of aim as my carry, out of a 4.5” PDP with a Holosun 509t.

    I don’t care if they will expand, if they shoot to the same accuracy, that’s all I’m asking. I’ve been an Xtreme loader for a long time, that will be changing.

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