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.308 147 Gr. Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail Bullets, Non-Ferrous *New 2nds* READ DESCRIPTION BEFORE ORDERING.

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These are copper jacketed FMJ bullet. They have a cannelure and a boat tail with a flat base. These were sold to us as first quality bullets but we found that the OAL variances were way past what we would consider first quality.  Most are fine, but some of the copper on the base of the bullets didn’t get folded right so it makes the OAL something like 50-70 thou longer.  The ogives are still the same so seating depths should be similar even with the longer boat tails.  I wouldn’t expect better than 2-4 MOA unless you sort the short from the long ones.

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

100, 250, 500, 1,000, 2,000

4 reviews for .308 147 Gr. Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail Bullets, Non-Ferrous *New 2nds* READ DESCRIPTION BEFORE ORDERING.

  1. George (verified owner)

    Worth it if you are willing to sort.

    If you are using these for tactical shooting, 50 yards and in, then load away, no sorting required. However if you are looking to get these to group then you will need to sort these as there is as significant amount of variation in weight and length.

    I sorted them into 4 different groups and while not perfect, it made everything much more consistent.

    I’m using these for 300 BLK and so far I’m pretty happy with the results. These won’t win you any competitions but for the price they are good for plinking or anything that doesn’t require a high level of precision.

  2. Mike (verified owner)

    Wildly inconsistent but for the price, you can afford to sort them. I’m getting +/- .020″ with about 30% of the bullets.

    They will work for my needs but spend a little more and get the top grade ones if you need precision.

  3. Grey K (verified owner)

    I usually buy the Hornady 150 grain fmj, the expensive type when feeding my ar 10’s, fals and 308 mausers. Tried 2000 of these last year since I also have people, goldfish and cars to feed and was not expecting too much from these, just that they give minute of steel plate at 200/300 yards (ie 3moa). I found moly coating these and loading them to mild velocities gave equal accuracy to those Hornadys!! No sorting, just moly coat them and seat with the redding competition seater, real cave man tech, single stage press.

  4. KDWilks

    I loaded up a couple hundred for 300 aac. 15 gr H110, Win SP. Did not sort a one. Single stage press. Real careful on OAL but not on relative cannelure position. All day long….sub 1” at 100 yds out if my Aero 16” upper. All day long folks. They’re fine. Buy ‘em. Load ‘em up n shoot, shoot, shoot. 🙂

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